Tuesday, June 16, 2009

True Love Never Looked So Good

True Love Never Looked So Good

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  1. nothing like target practice to show your cuddle-bear how much they mean to you

  2. wow how much more white trash can you get?? i mean, the first picture… jesus talk about a shotgun wedding.

  3. Love means never having to say “Are you SURE the safety’s on?”

  4. Actually, you know that guy won’t ever cheat because he knows that his girl’s got aim, a rifle, and the confidence to use said rifle. So, you know, way better than a douchey abusebag.

  5. wow, these pictures are so white. notice that the second one takes place on a golf course in sun dresses despite the cloudy weather.

  6. This one is on the right track to becoming one of those moms who “color me mine”‘s all her mugs to say cute phrases like “Not Another Monday!” and makes shirts with pictures of dogs with basketballs that say “Charles Barksdale!”

  7. Al, you can’t be serious can you?

  8. jess, don’t hate on people because you are a single fat chick…cmon now.

  9. @al How do you get “golf course” out of the first picture. For one, I don’t see anything to indicate that that is a golf course instead of the woods somewhere, and second, since when do they allow rifles on golf courses?

  10. Why are they shooting that tree?!

  11. squidproquo: They are shooting a fox, you can’t see it.

    This is exactly why people should not have PhotoShop.

  12. why am i turned on by a girl with a gun?

  13. degnor: because they’re like metal penises.

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