Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Blew It


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  1. lmao thats the smallest grav bong ive ever seen

  2. There is a coin purse next to it, but I still doubt that it’s blow.

    that gravity bong is a horrible fail, unless they are fifth graders.

  3. FAIL

    On so very many counts.

  4. Coke? I’m a Pepsi girl, myself.

  5. it’s not coke it s graffiti written in white marker zoom in and u can see

  6. Vorg: Uh I think they’re referring to the bucket bong….

  7. It took me awhile to find the drugs. I thought the coke was scratches (it actually looks like it spells out the word “suck” in the middle) and the brown bottle was from someone using chewing tobacco (like they had used it to spit into). I did notice what appears to be the bottom of a beer bottle. Mostly, I just noticed the hand. If this pic was cropped so that their “drugs” were not on display and it just showed the odd hand placement this would be a funny pic.

  8. ‘You blew it’. The title would seem to be referring to coke?

  9. I still have no fucking idea what’s on her pants

  10. Ah I see there is another Jane (32) here now. Bound to happen with such a common name. In any case this Jane is taking a lamebook hiatus so have fun kids!
    PS if that is powder on the dresser then that chick should do more. She could do with some time on the coke diet.

  11. You can’t see any drugs here.

    That crap on the table could be anything and a 20oz in a glass is not going to hold up in court as paraphernalia.

  12. No razor, no straw, no rolled up dollar bill= no coke.
    These are just a couple of dumb (hopefully) adolescent attention slores getting “fucked up” smoking dirty ass reggies out of a fucking playskool water bong that probably couldn’t even get a toddler high.
    fucking skanky ass posers.
    much better off posting pics of themselves double teaming some guys johnson.

  13. im pretty sure that black thing is a razor

  14. and p.s. that bitch is drinking a fucking WINE COOLER!
    12 much?

  15. doubtful that that black thing is a razor…as razors are usually silver.

  16. The worst part about this picture is the skinny jeans.


  18. Pretty sure that’s just incense ashes on the table. but whatever.

  19. Well.. 67, I would do coke off of a table that low. Most cokeheads also don’t care. It’s the five second act of snorting a line. So what if you have to bend down for it?

  20. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed that I have no idea what a gravity bong is.

  21. Yeah, seriously wtf is a gravity bong?

  22. looks like there’s coke beneath where the carving is

    near the edge of the table on the right

  23. the black thing on the table is a later. and the white stuff is either carved in or drawn on the table. it’s words. the only word i can make out is “fuck”. but yeah that’s a ghetto ass gravity. at least clean it out.

  24. Keep up! Lauren #19 already covered that one. It’s a “plastic cup with plastic soda bottle in brownish water on the wooden table used to smoke pot out of (a gravity bong)”

  25. I’m sure if you already know what a “gravity bong” is, the explanation makes perfect sense. As it stands, “plastic cup with plastic soda bottle in brownish water on the wooden table used to smoke pot out of” doesn’t help me understand what it is or how it works.

    Not that it actually matters, in the long run.

  26. either way, regardless of whether that is coke or not, that gravity bong is a disgrace to gravity bongs we used to use. It looks like it uses about a 16 oz. cup? we used to use 5 gallon sparklets bottles with huge 5 gram or so bowls…a person could almost snap the entire bowl with one push when used in a swimming pool.

  27. here, i stole this from urban dictionary:

    a gravity bong is a home made pipe that is designed to use the force of gravity to pull weed smoke into the chamber, usually using water as the means for drawing the smoke down into the chamber.
    1.) take any plastic bottle or jug, poke some holes in the bottom of the bottle or jug,
    2.) create a foil bowl to fit inside of the bottle opening,
    3.) get a bucket or anything the bottle will fit inside and fill the bucket with water,
    4.) put the bottle or jug inside the bucket fully submereging the bottle in the water, up to the opening of the bottle (the bucket is filled with water at this point),
    5.) put the foil bowl on top (the bowl is filled with weed at this point),
    6.) light the weed and draw the bottle up, watch the water pull the smoke into the bottle, make the smoke as chalky as you desire, then when the bottle is almost completely empty of water and full of smoke, take the bowl off and suck the smoke in, at the same time the bottle should start filling back up with water as you are sucking in the smoke.
    then if you really want to get high use the bottle as a respirator breathing into and out of the bottle until there is no smoke left.

  28. Isn’t that Thing from the Addams family?

  29. ^ my thoughts exactly. it’s Thing from the Addams Family, running away from Facebookcamwhore’s crotch.

  30. That is so screwed up. Funny, but screwed up..

  31. I’ve split my head open, and chipped teeth doing bucket/gravity bongs when I passed out due to lack of oxygen. I’ve also split my head open! But I turned out fine; don’t know what the fuss is about. Smoking dope is perfectly harmless.

    PS I’ve also chipped my teeth.

  32. One time my sister used a 2 liter bottle duct taped to a bucket with hole cut in it, and put it in a full bathtub of ice water. Spectacular. Anyway, still not sure about the little bit of powder looking stuff on the bottom right hand corner, but who cares about the gravity (shitty as it may be)? Alcohol is much more dangerous (finger wag). >:P

  33. I hope the hand is the focus here.

    Seriously, if there were ever drugs knocking around, they weren’t there long enough to chop words into. That’s Tippex.

  34. For those self-proclaimed drug-connaisseurs the majority of non-believers concerning the obviously gargantuous amount of drugs in this picture (I can take my sarcasm-train a lot further than that but I refrain from doing so) are, I love hyphenating. And making words and obscene symbols is like 97% of the fun of doing coke anyway.

  35. bananatoldmeitwasok

    that’s not a gravity bong..i can’t see any water in the cup, or else it couldn’t have been in the cup for the purpose..and it’s way too small.

  36. bananatoldmeitwasok

    talking about the bottle

  37. ahoyhoy obviously has no understanding of high contrast. For ugly bitches? It will only make them look worse. It will increase the contrast in all your flaws as well.

  38. stand aside for the photography police…

  39. All this fuss over a photo, for what? I have studied this pic very closely with a magnifying glass, the white lines are in fact scratches on the table. The black item is a lighter, the plastic cup has what looks like a glass brown medicine bottle in it with a white matal lid (as you would expect) there also seems to be coke (or another brown drink) in that glass along with the other one. There is no ‘bong’ as a lot of you say there is. You are all seeing what you either think or want to see (after reading others descriptions) This thread is just a waste of time by those of you that have nothing better to do with your time than to judge others.

  40. @andy your an idiot

  41. I think you meant “you’re an idiot.”

  42. despite the obvious drugs… I think the hand coming out the pants or looking like it… is still the funniest thing in this picture.

  43. ihatestupidpeople

    i thought it was a hand coming out of her pants but after 10 mins of trying to work out how the hand got there, I realised it’s the other girl’s hand (you have to look carefully to see her arm!)

  44. @ ihatestupidpeople i thought the same thing. i thought it was cos they had so many drugs a hand was coming out of her pants?

  45. This thread is so over – why is this picture even on this site? It’s not a face book faux pas at all.

  46. I wish the photos were better. I want to be able to see what stupid people cocaine looks like.

  47. Stupid “people-cocaine”, a new brand?

  48. Where are the drugs?

  49. That’s cocaine on the table. They were doing lines.

  50. I’m pretty sure that’s also a mini gravity bong!!! right there with the suirty water lid inside the small plastic cup!!!

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