Thursday, April 14, 2011

Extra! Extra!

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Black guys FTW!

  2. Remember when the only times you had to click a link to read the full Lamebook entry was when it was NSFW or just a genuinely long post? I miss that.

  3. Me too pb.

  4. Me three.

  5. Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually perform abortions, Brittney. I hate when people say that.

  6. Dukey, you need to stop ruining all the white women for us.

  7. thisisnotanexit


    Yes they do. Maybe not in your area. Google the Planned Parenthood in Orange CA. They do not use federal funding though for abortions1

  8. pb, I have a question…does the pb stand for Pacific Beach? Just curious because I’m from San Diego and we have a pb (pacific beach).

  9. thisisnotanexit, agreed. They most certainly do perform abortions, at least in some areas.

    I thought pb was peanut butter. Or pissy brunette. Or phat blonde. Or pooh bear.

  10. Or punk (ass) bitch

    Who the hell posts on FB thanking their friends for supporting their night diarrhea problem?

  11. Also, whose night diarrhea is so bad they’re wearing diapers (that do nothing) and their mom cries every morning? They should really send this girl to the pound and adopt a new one.

  12. @automaton I think it’s pretty obvious that her account was hacked.

  13. I can sympathise with Emily, I go through at least 4 pairs of sheets a week, this is mainly due to my compulsive wanking. I love lamp.

  14. blondebimbo, they’re my initials. I had a slightly geeky friend in school who used to call me plumbum. I used to post on here quite a lot but haven’t in a while – stuff like this Suroor business just doesn’t quite match up with the likes of Jason’s Monster Fail, etc.

  15. I go through about four sheets a week too.

    Normally because they got all muddy as I’m chasing folk like Dukey through fields dressed like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

  16. Ahhh, go it! Just made me think of home!!!

  17. Poopy

  18. Diapers are no laughing matter. My father was killed by diapers in 1987. It was raining, he was driving, and he couldn’t see too well. Suddenly, a 1987 Zenith Television set running a Huggies commercial ran across the road. The brakes in his Yugo weren’t working because the whole cast of Drowning Mona cut them, so he swerved and slammed right into a 1980s sofa. True story. Horrifying! When I heard that “I poo in blue” Pampers commercial won funniest commercial of 2010 (hosted by sexy Isaiah Mustafa) I pissed my pants a bit. Nothing could save me because of my real fear of diapers. Shame on you, John.

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