Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Im so jaded that all I could think was, ‘deer dont have nostrils..’

  2. yeh, wtf is with that deer’s face?

  3. Deer have nostrils, they are just part of the dark brown part of their nose instead of off to the side like the picture.

    WTF is with that “cake”

  4. An backwards white swastika must mean that Spencer is Jewish

  5. The swastika was originally a symbol of peace luck and strength. A positive symbol. It’s still used that way in many cultures.

  6. Yes, rybart. Spencer and Jessica are clearly from a different culture where the swastika means “happy birthday.” Are you kidding me?

  7. That’s hilarious, I also noticed the deer’s nostrils before anything else.

  8. Oh hail thar! Happy birthday!

  9. Anyone have a clue what santa is holding?

  10. Santa is holding a Mayan fertility idol. It was the first ho, and now the loneliest.

    That deer makes me uncomfortable.

    It’s weird to see icing on top of a precut cheesecake.

    (There are nineteen candles on the cake. That’s the exact age Hitler was when he set his first Jew on fire. Therefore, I’m sure this is meant to be the Happy Birthday type of swastika.)

  11. Santa looks like he’s rubbing one out.

  12. lather.rinse.repeat

    Even ignoring the icing… That cake looks dirty. I wouldn’t eat it.

  13. I don’t even think it’s icing or a cheesecake. It looks like apple pie and cream!

  14. Thats cause I dragged my balls across it 😉

  15. Of course the ho is lonely, business gets slow when it’s that cold out.

    Also, interspecies orgy? Sounds like someone is writing the Hymn of the Internet. I don’t have the heart to Google that one, I’m afraid there would be results.

  16. I googled, it’s from a song called ‘Children, Children’ from Bat Boy: The Musical.
    “If you have clothing, forsake it.
    We want you breathless and naked.
    Choose your mate and then let’s see what we create!”
    And then the orgy begins.

  17. Oh god it is a new level of geekery that I can recognize sheet music from “Interspecies Orgy” D:

  18. The swästika, in addition to its use in various Hindu contexts, was also used by the old Norse civilization in a positive context. Shit, you’d think that swastikas themselves were responsible for what the näzis did, with the way people carry on about them.
    Also, that swastika is a mirrored version of the näzi one.

  19. Good point, mad. It’s easy to remember: Swastikas always look like they’re running to the right.


    How does one make an interspecies orgy more disturbing?

  20. @fletch by adding even more fucked up elements to the mix.
    That Ho certainly doesn’t look lonely…I mean, look at that smile, those rosy cheeks..and it even looks like he’s going to partake in some bestiality soon.

  21. @19
    Obviously by pulling out a black dildo.

  22. Am I the only one who noticed that Lamebook failed to block out the name of the person who posted the third photo?

  23. no, but you are the only one who cared.

  24. @J – I noticed too. What the hell kind of name is “pilar carolina”?

    Santa the lonely ho’s dildo looks like a bunny shaped marshmallow peep. Not sure how well that’s gonna do the job…

  25. @whatthecrap – Spanish. I take it that Pilar is using her first and middle names, rather than first and last.

  26. That last one is my autobiography 🙁

  27. nexus made me lol.

  28. @21 Black dildo here , Did some one say interspecies orgy

  29. ho’s are never lonely

  30. ha! that can only be from Bat Boy…

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