Friday, February 25, 2011

Blonde Bombs

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  1. I am a vegetarian too, raised as one but always given the choice. One time my brother somehow got it into his head that he wanted sausage, so my mom got him sausage and, big surprise, he didn’t like it.

    As for eggs, the eggs you buy in the supermarket were never fertilized and would never have become a chicken because they don’t keep roosters with the chickens. And even when they did get fertilized, they will only hatch if the chicken keeps her eggs warm, which she will only do if she’s in the mood to. My parents keep chickens. They also get in that mood sometimes when they don’t even have any fertilized eggs or even any eggs at all. Then they will sit on their nest for days and hardly eat at all. For nothing

    I’m not sure if any other animal does this. Personally, I think it’s pretty stupid of chickens that they practically give birth to nothing so often. A waste of energy to them, but I’m not complaining…

    So vegetarians don’t eat animals, not just meat. Vegans however think that it’s not just wrong to eat animals, but also to use them. So they don’t eat animal products like dairy and eggs.

    Lol Smeemonkey, love that analogy, that’ll teach Terminal for swallowing. I don’t really understand the pescetarianism though. You grant mammals and birds life but fish deserve to die? Are they worth less than the others? Or is it, as pescetarians usually say, because you think you can’t get all the substances you need without eating fish? There are plenty of healthy vegetarians and vegans out there to show you don’t really need fish.

    But humans aren’t meat eaters nor vegetarians, they are opportunists. Picky eaters. They eat only what they like, and what they like differs from person to person. Meat disgusts me, but other people love it. And in some time the laboratory grown meat that they are making at my university and that was never part of a cow or pig will hit the markets. And then I won’t care anymore what other people eat. But I still won’t eat it because like I said, meat disgusts me.

    So I’ll just go kill some broccoli.

  2. Ok so since we’re all on the eating animal products issue, I just wanted to weigh in with the comment that apparently drinking a lot of milk can cause prostate cancer. Carry on.

    PS Mass #32 that was nicely done lol

  3. As I went home on Sunday night as drunk as drunk could be
    I saw a salad upon my plate where my old beef should be
    Well, I called me wife and I said to her: Will you kindly tell to me
    Who owns that salad upon my plate where my old beef should be?

    Ah, you’re drunk,
    you’re drunk you silly old fool,
    still you can not see
    That’s a lovely veggie burger that me mother sent to me
    Well, it’s many a day I’ve travelled a hundred miles or more
    But a burger made of vegetables sure I never saw before

  4. Nicely done mass. You have a lovely singing voice.

  5. At the risk of replacing my head up/in/around my arse (thanks, lametothemin) I would like to add that I heard (again: maybe I should stop doing that?) that occassionally free-range eggs from a farm rather than a factory can be fertilised when you eat them if the rooster gets to the hens too quickly but because they are removed from the hen so early in the stage the egg doesn’t progress from being eggy stuff and yolk into being a chick at all. Look it up if ya don’t believe me.

    As for vegetarians, you can’t say their stupid if they eat such and such or eat fish or don’t eat whatever cos to be frank, they’re are pretty silly. If anyone’s religious out there then God gaves us animals to eat after Noah’s flood (although I don’t believe that fairy story, I just like the taste)

    Oh and finally, what’s the betting that some or all of these veggies don’t own a pair of leather shoes, or a china bowl or a golf ball for example. If you want to be a true vegetarian then remove all of these: things from your life.

  6. I think you’re missing the point peterpiper. If we “pretty silly” veggies removed all of those things, we’d be vegan. Hence I would be calling myself vegan rather than vegetarian.

  7. #55 not everyone is a vegetarian to “save the animals,” I hate that image. I’m a vegetarian because the taste of flesh disgusts me, because I feel healthier and lighter, and faster (in sports) without meat (esp red meat), and because I don’t just put anything into my mouth including a lot of other non-meat foods such as white rice, white bread, frozen foods… it’s a health choice, there’s no political attatchment to it.

    I hate every word of your argument- “…God gave us animals to eat…” Take away the imaginary/ unproven (which any god is) and come up with something more logic and valid. The irony of a religious argument claiming that anyone/ anything else is silly is amusing.

    Based on food alone (all else being equal), I bet you I could out live you.

  8. Saffer, I completely agree. I was actually just thinking that… Vegetarianism is first and foremost a diet. It is true that most vegetarians don’t eat animals for idealistic reasons, however the two are not linked. Anyone who doesn’t eat animals, whatever their reasons may be, is a vegetarian.

  9. Is it true that all vegetarians love sucking cock and licking bollocks because they are missing meat from their normal daily diet?.. I read it in a scientific journal of some renown so I’m guessing it must be true?

    Personally I will only eat what I would also fuck… I’m a Fuckutarian

  10. If you only eat what you would also fuck, does that mean you eat people or fuck animals?

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