Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Come On! Lines


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  1. Go Kevin!

  2. Kevin for the win. Also, chlamydia.

  3. Yeah, that was pretty good.

  4. Hello Rachael, I’m Norman.

  5. I <3 Kevin.

  6. lol Kevin smooth moves

  7. wow, Rachael seems slutty and stooopid. Did she just recommend the morning after pill to a dude name Marcus?

    I actually find this whole post amusing. First there is the obvious density of one Rachael. Next is the quick wit of one Mr. Studmuffin Kevin.

  8. Dave recommended the morning after pill to Marcus. I think Rachael was saying that she makes horrible decisions everyday, but she said it at an inopportune time in the comversaion.

    Hi. My name is Ms. Terri and I’m a funsucker. 😉

  9. Pretty sure it was Mark recommending the pill for Marcus’ girlfriend, yaya.

  10. Kevin may have a little better luck if he’d spell her name correctly.

  11. Dave, rather

  12. @7 And that would be Kevin’s horrible decision for today 🙂

  13. Kevin FTW!!

  14. the-lonely-island

    Kevin FTW

  15. Three words Dave foetus…murdering..cunt

  16. lmamofo are you serious?? the morning after pill only prevents conception that hasn’t yet taken place, it doesn’t affect fetuses at all. therefore no murder (although i am pro-choice so i would say there’s no murder anyway).

    get your facts straight.

  17. Kevin is so fucking suave. I bet he picks up women at pro-choice rallies, too.

  18. Well when you think about it, a pro-choice lady is going to be a pretty good bet from a dating point of view.
    That is a damned good idea!

  19. @ lizi: Are you serious, Am I serious? I was attempting to be Humourous?! I’m very much pro choice too, it means I can fuck who I want when I want and to hell with the consequences. I don’t like to use condoms either because I hate the smell of burning rubber.

    My facts ARE straight, it’s my fucked up mind that’s all crooked and warped. And you spelt Foetus wrong…poor little human baby tadpoles.

  20. To be honest, Imamofo, you do just sound like a bit of a tit. You’re arguing with lizi about the spelling of fetuses (which is actually an accurate spelling – check a dictionary – and, at least according to wikipedia, “the only correct English plural is fetuses”. And whilst arguing this point, you managed to misspell humorous. Well done! Btw, just thought I should point this out in case you didn’t realise – the pill, or whatever you’re using to prevent pregnancy (and please, keep using it!), doesn’t protect against STIs.

  21. To be honest, littlered, you do just sound more like a bit of a tit. Foetuses (my preferred spelling) can be spelt fetuses or foetuses (looked it up in a dictionary – it’s there and as for wikipedia, well we all know 50% of it’s bollocks anyway).

  22. Way to “like this” Michelle. Glad you support Marcus’s horrible decisions. Twat.

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