Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tamed by Type

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  1. But Cali’s glasses though…

    Chris needs a kick in the nuts.

  2. ‘heinz site’ Brilliant, simply brilliant!

  3. “Heinz site” is so difficult to say out loud.

  4. Chris is a total winner

  5. Wow, all of them were actually funny

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Chris no longer sees the world through tomato-colored glasses…

  7. Heinz site, if you can say it in 57 accents, you are awesome.

  8. mortalandpester

    I usually say “Happy Motherfuckers Day” to my dad on Father’s Day…

  9. Who needs hot chicks to know how to spell? No sense in banging educated bitches.

  10. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @failassault – You misspelled wiener.

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    Heinz site is 57/57.

    Also, it’s “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful. Hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am.”

    Get it right.

  12. lamebook in posting actual good material shocker.

    Nobody notice the misspelling of ‘ketchup’? Tomato kethcup indeed.

  13. Cali doesn’t look old enough to spell anything.

  14. No, Cali, can YOU spell gorgeous? Is this an example of irony?

    I agree, great post!

  15. I laughed so hard at the ‘Motherfuckers’ quote it made me hurt. Seriously.

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