Thursday, January 5, 2017

Parenting 101

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  1. Public shaming AND a punishment totally out of keeping with the crime.

    I bet in 50 years time he smothers them with a pillow

  2. Gotta love religious moral.

  3. Why can’t you parent without public humiliation?? Idiots.

  4. Why did the church even give him a gift? Shouldn’t they be helping poor families?

  5. More religious nuts being…well, religious nuts. Online bullying…I mean shaming. Who taught you that one?

  6. The Beast Among Us

    PS3 Sports Champions Bundle? How old is this post?

  7. ^I was thinking the same thing, Parents probably stole it from a charity bin.

  8. They probably gave him a baby’s toy on purpose, just so they could be mean to him. Because they hate him, har har.

  9. seems a bit harsh…

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