Friday, October 15, 2010

Corrupt Connections

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  1. I despise each and every one of you in your own special way.

    Amanda: Fuck your apallingly worded sentences and thinking anyone but you and your husband give a shit.
    Zach: Fuck you for using the cheesiest and lamest ‘line’ on a status your girlfriend didn’t even fucking comment on, and thinking anybody but you and your girlfriend give a shit.
    Craig: Fuck you for all of the following: Describing your girlfriend as ‘bomb ass’ Being on FarmVille. Putting it as a fucking display picture. Using the word babe. Making the mistake of thinking ANYBODY CARES. I hate you.
    Alysa: Fuck you. Just fuck you.

  2. Ben.

  3. ^ Agree with all of that. I would attempt to put my own input..but not only did Hobo cover it humorously, I’m fucking tired.

  4. if i dated any of these people i would dump them asap

  5. Alysa apparently doesn’t really need a penis to be a whore.

  6. I am going to respond in haiku for a little while.

    Alysa you are
    a fucking knickerless tramp
    die of syphilis

    craig has no cock so
    who gives a fuck about him?
    farmville playing cunt

    zach but not efron
    fuckety fuckety you
    i hate you so much

    Amanda, your mum
    is much cooler than you are
    bet she likes it hard.

  7. loma, you are awesome. You should be the next Mr. Haiku. I miss that guy.:(

  8. @loma

  9. undergroundtunnel
    felt my poetic wrath too
    he won’t fuck with you

    check out earlier
    posts where he called you lame names
    the lame is on him.

  10. loma you did well
    but pale in comparison
    to Mr. Haiku

    I miss him too Hobo!

  11. txikiwi-

    i’m just new here so
    i will get better and then
    be mrs haiku

    i will work hard and
    make up new insults and then
    the lol will happen

  12. Haikus are my fave
    they take little effort to
    make one work for you

  13. loma it should be
    quite easy for you
    to be mrs haiku

  14. Everyone loves it
    haiku is fun and easy
    just like alysa

    only haiku does
    not give you STDs
    only giggles. Yes.

  15. loma, think that dick is
    a crap anonisgayis
    gay. Fucking haikus.

  16. eventually
    haikus might get old for us
    but now they’re funny

  17. when they are dull we
    can move on to iambic
    pentameter prose.

    no, not pro’s but prose.
    Mind in the gutter on lame
    book is just a gas.

    british hobo
    thanks for the info, i can
    use it for black ops.

  18. One that I saw recently:

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

  19. I like Amanda’s mom.
    Our ideas for breast cancer awareness are spreading, there was an ad for it here with a topless boob with the nipple covered by the girl’s hand.

  20. Amanda, I feel your pain, but you know mommy’s right. Good hard sex,…sigh.
    Hobo: ha! I cared. 🙂

    Alysa sounds like a freak but I did like “supercharged sperm monster.” sounds like a blast.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  22. And when Alysa thinks of her kids, she’ll certainly remember that, “blast from the past.” 😉

  23. Well, that was a interesting read.

    All of your haikus made me smile.
    As always, British, you were pretty spot on.

  24. Nice to see you back, ee. 😀 Big fan of yours.

  25. Damn, Alysa’s got me pegged.

  26. Btw, mad2, get your tail back in Kate’s late and Great Fail a sec. Need your opinion on my last statement. Dumb it down for me, seriously. I’m sleep deprived and very stressed atm. Can’t think too well and can’t sleep just yet, duty calls.

  27. alysa- monsters (plural) anyone with more than one baby daddy kinda has it coming… or cumming i guess… just saying.

  28. Hey, ee 🙂 It’s been a while. That or I’ve not been paying attention again.

  29. “Supercharged Sperm Monsters” sounds like the bad guy from a Scooby Doo porn spoof.

    I tried to join in on the Haiku fun but no luck, too long a week.

  30. undergroundtunnel

    Britishhobo sucks.

  31. I like BritishHobo.

    Also, why when parents post something uncomfortable on Facebook, their children always say “MOM/DAD!!!!” or “MOM/DAD WTF!!!”?

  32. Lamebook is failing
    Alternate entertainment
    Becomes essential

    Haikus suck. I think they might work better in oriental languages.

  33. mad – let’s all abscond
    we’ll start our own website where
    we’ll share dodgy pics

    of chavvy tard girls
    being reprehensible
    and laugh til we puke.

  34. Chavvy? WTF?
    Just let me know when you’ve got it set up and I’ll be there. Although really I was joking about lamebook failing.

  35. mad –

    i dunno what you’d call it in the US (?) and if you were joking, it doesn’t matter anyways 🙂

  36. Loma – lol I don’t know that we have a word for those that you posted a pic of… HAHA Besides maybe…preggo girls dressed in an 80’s costume for a Halloween party? Hmmm

  37. Supercharged Sperm Monsters… lmao haha
    Um hey and you guys above me…. get a room!!

  38. Valenya, I think the rough American translation is ‘scum’.

  39. lol!

  40. Ok kinda agree with british Hobo, but do love amandas mom, say it as it is darlin!
    Supercharged Sperm Monsters…keepin that one for the

  41. If we think we our penises, then we must be much smarter because we’re constantly doing brain exercises.

  42. @officialSnak


    If your thinking with your penis what kind of brain exercises are you doing?

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