Friday, October 15, 2010

Wins for your Weekend

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  1. lather.rinse.repeat

    Dre ftw if it wasnt for his name

  2. Debra is Wallace

  3. What’s wrong with Dre? It’s probably short for Andre.
    These suck. If anyone ever fills my wall with stupid puns I’ll punch their face in.

  4. I’m just glad to have clarification that I didn’t imagine Carmen SanDiego. FUCK YES.

    Also, Wallace was spotted today shopping at Wallis, the store for larger sized women.

  5. Dre totally submitted that. Lame.

    People who make puns are bad enough, but any of these assholes who post two in a row on different fucking comments: nobody cares. Shut up.

  6. FFFFUUUCKKKK….these posts. Omg gaiz, I watched pr0n underaged and fucked someone underage…(it’s ok..we were dating…totally makes it ok.) FUCK YOU Dr. Dre…go back to Eminem and shit…

    also, my brain is fucked. I still love you Lame Bookers. <3

  7. the fate of intelligence

    I don’t know what it’s like in America but I think my teacher once told me that (at least in Europe) Kevin could still have sex with his girlfriend if she isn’t more than 3 years younger than him. Not too sure about that, though.
    oh and these were really not funny

  8. Intelligence, in the US it varies state-by-state, but in general, yes, as long as the age difference is small, you can get it on.
    I totally agree with Alex.
    Also who the hell said you can’t watch porn when you’re underage? It isn’t legal to give/sell porn to underage individuals but if they’ve got it they can use it.

  9. doesn’t give a shit who posted these as i don’t actually look at the names but only the content… they all made me laugh.

  10. A threesome at 15? That kid’s gonna peak early and run out of shit to accomplish by 30. Though bad form for it taking place in the toilets, even the handicapped stall would be a bit cramped.

  11. Comments, I agree a bathroom stall could be inconvenient, but think of the logistics. It might not have been feasible for the three of them to meet outside school, and where else in the school could they go? Either way it sounds like this kid is going to have an epic life.

  12. Mad2, this is true – I was just assuming there had to be somewhere else to go though. In my high school there were all sorts of places to sneak away. Not that any of us realized/took advantage of that. ::whistles innocently::

  13. the threesome was in my school..awkward.

  14. Anyone who says “cuz” instead of “because” should die.

  15. Hey, hayley, let’s not get drastic. I’m guilty of sayng ‘cuz’ fairly frequently, and it’s only BECAUSE the word ’cause doesn’t seem to have the right intonation for what I would say if I were speaking and not typing.

  16. @lamest. Well, it will be less so when you get more practice.

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