Monday, September 28, 2009

Po Po Posted


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  1. That’ll teach you.

  2. In jail ya’ll. Just became Big Larry’s bitch. Craziest night eva!!
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  3. By ‘fun’ does he mean ‘non-consensual sex’ ?

  4. 4 hours of fun = Prison

  5. You know, this does nothing for the tourism industry in Murray.

  6. And by prison, he means he was grounded by his parents and never actually went out.

  7. LOL gold.

  8. I wonder how he hid his phone from the police as they stuck him in the cells…

    Assuming that when he was arrested he was put into the cells of course…

  9. LMAO
    I LOVE this!

  10. I think he got busted for drinking on university campus.

    Here’s why: at the university that I went to Murray is a dorm hall, one in which most residents drink.

    Of course, this is probably not what actually occurred.

  11. Yeah my buddy got arrested and his shit got confiscated. I had to sign out and finger print myself on this form that he signed just to get it.

    This is full of make believe lies.

  12. I was just reading some new legislation that was just passed.

    “Instead of the ordinary “One Phone Call per Prisoner” mandate, the authorities have decided to go with a more “tech-savvy” and “hip” approach. Prisoners will get one Facebook status update or “Tweet” upon being arrested, whereby they can contact their lawyer or update friends they are “still using my phone bitches!”.

  13. Resisting the temptation to “accidentally” break every douchebag frat boy’s iPhone has got to be one of the hardest parts of being a cop.

  14. I’m really surprised the cops didn’t find his phone and confiscate it for their own personal collection or smash it like Cathy wants to.

  15. “I’m in jail, but it doesn’t matter cause I STILL GOT MAH PHONE, BITCHES!”

  16. This guy should have his phone confiscated for the good of humanity.

  17. “Still using my phone bitches.”
    Oh yeah, way to stick it to the police. They’ll think twice about messing with you again once they realise you can still update facebook. Talk about badass.

  18. damn those po poes

  19. LIES!

  20. Hmm, was I the only one to think of Murray the tennis player??

  21. @scott Speight
    Yes because tennis is for fags.

  22. I have someone on my facebook like this.. makes up stories about nights wheres gone out and got arrested and stuff.. when really all he’s done is stayed at home playing rock band all night

  23. Lamb Curry you’re hilarious!

  24. haha that’s right, i can still update my facebook. That’ll show you cops. what now bitch, what now


  26. They only take your possessions once you get to holding. If you have your hands cuffed in front of your body, you can text or make a phone, as long as they’re cool with it.
    Yeah, I’ve been arrested. Katrina for the fail.

  27. *phone CALL.

  28. haha oh rodney, that is funny!

  29. LMAO #2!!

  30. I’m pretty sure this guy is talking about Murray, Kentucky, which is a college town in a dry (no alcohol sold, except in bars) county.

    It definitely sounds like someone lame enough to go to my school.

  31. there’s a dorm at my university called murray.

  32. John Players Standard

    AHAHAHA awesome. I got arrested one time and I called the police while they were arresting me I was all like “These fucking cops are arrestin me!”

  33. PLEASE let this be from Murray, KY. Thats where I went to school lol

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