Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kate’s Late and Great News

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  1. To add one more thing, Keona – if his drive is adequate to yours and he’s sufficiently one-on-one adventurous, and you don’t care about anything else, then… seems like there would be no problem if you could live by one another; just because you consider yourself a ‘nympho’ would pose no obstruction. If, on the other hand, you feel stifled, well, that would be a potential issue (Although I am absolutely certain you could successfully follow my 12-step plan to talking a guy into a threesome – I really thought all it took was step 5, ‘bring it up’ by itself, but I guess I was wrong; anyway, I have backup ideas).

  2. Comments, of course you can, but if you deliver how I think you might, I’ll want you extending.

  3. Back Briefly.

    @Dorie, Get the fuck out of here and shut your shitting hole. No one asked you, and no one is here to please you. So sick of people like you, coming onto this site, and complaining if the conversations aren’t strictly about the LB posts. Counseling doesn’t help me. But the advice of friends and family do. I consider this random bunch both of those in my own weird way.

    @ Saffer, mad2, loma, thanks. I know…it’s strange. The reason we can only see one another once a year (if we’re lucky) is due to money problems. We’re dedicated enough to handle it. I mean…it would be childish to say: “I can’t wait for you..I’m going to leave you for someone that’s closer.” So shallow.

    All of you did help me quite a lot. 🙂 I appreciate it.

  4. Yeah I was wondering where the rest of this post was, where her friend starts bitching about losing her Oxy connection.

  5. Keona- I know I have no business giving you advice, but girl I have to agree with Comments. Your personal sexual feelings are NEVER going to go away and being with a repressed man is only going to be worse. TRUST ME lady! I also agree with mad2, in that sex is not the end all be all… so if he makes you that happy it’s a good thing! However, being an extremely sexual person – there might be problems down the line in this type of relationship… Sexual compatibility is a big factor in my opinion. <3

  6. Valenya, I was actually saying that sex doesn’t have to involve an emotional attachment. I think sexual compatibility is pretty important! If he leaves her frustrated it will be hard to be happy in a relationship. Not impossible, but hard.
    BUT she might not be frustrated with the parameters he wants to set. To summarize:
    1. A self-described ‘nympho’ could be satisfied with what Keona calls a ‘loyalist’ relationship if her partner shares her desires.
    2. It is my personal opinion that for some people at any rate, you can look at porn, have 3-somes, swing, etc. and have all that be purely pleasure and have no effect on your emotions for your romantic partner.

  7. Oh and Saffer, I believe she would differentiate between an objective observation/appreciation of attractiveness, and actually taking sexual pleasure in seeing the hot individual.
    My wife made me get into a conversation about hot actresses. She said I had good taste. She also said (re: Keona) that I have no good relationship advice to give.
    Anyway Saffer, I will join you in the agnostic lounge.

  8. Anyone else want to see mad2physicist teach maths wilst pissed?
    *puts hand up*
    Heh. I’m sort of a sadist. >:)

  9. *whilst

    I’m terribly sorry. I’ve made an unforgivable spelling mistake. Please excuse me while I go and put my head in the oven.

  10. Jizzy, are you typing while pissed?
    To name just one of the drunken errors, I said (1/2)(x + 16) = x/2 + 16. I was saved by the nerdy student who called me on it. I honestly didn’t do a single problem without having to fix at least one error. It was beautiful.

  11. mad2 are you pissed again? lets not teach math – who were the hot actresses?

  12. Nope, I’m totally sober right now, and that probably won’t change since I barely slept last night. Actually most actresses are not hot. The only one I remember was the girl from Doom. Whatever her name is. Oh, and Kate Beckinsale, but she has poor taste in men (she left the guy who plays Lucian).
    My wife grew up having a huge crush on George Clooney. I make fun of her for this b/c he appears to be 110 years old.

  13. nah, she’s alright. I had a crush on Mel Gibson …. until recently. You two are cute with your teenage romance 😉 Right, I’m bored to tears, any sites you can recommend? otherwise off to bed for me.

  14. well there’s textsfromlastnight dot com. That’s one of my favourites.
    Yeah we got together when she was 16 and I was 17. Knew we’d be married within a week, I mean, knew within a week, didn’t get married for a whiel. I guess most people have an experience like that but it doesn’t work out. But she’s perfect for me and it did.
    Mel Gibson till recently did not look as old as Cloony.
    Oh the other actresses: the one who played Etain in Centurion, and the one who played the punk leader’s girlfriend in Doomsday. But maybe I just like the facepaint.

  15. ooohh you’re making me work for these actresses! lol

  16. To be quite honest there’s not many hot actresses. Plus, I don’t know any of their names.
    Like take one of the popular ‘hot’ actresses, Angelina Jolie. She’s got lips like a hippopotamus. It isn’t hot, it looks like she’s the result of interspecies intercourse

  17. Doomsday will do rightly 😉

  18. my hubbie’s “free fuck card” is kylie …. god only knows why. he just cant get over the ass in that video she had a while ago

  19. Wordy, I never said it couldn’t be a long visit. 😉

    Mad2 – the girl from Doom is Rosamund Pike, who was also in Die Another Day. Oh, and I concur.

  20. She was in Die Another Day? I forgot about that. I remember her also as the girl who is Kiera Knightly’s sister in Pride and Prejudice, b/c my wife loves that movie and watches it virtually obsessively. And who the hell is Kylie?

  21. Of course if we mean actresses of another type, then Tori Black and Terri Summers top the list, then Charlie Laine.

  22. you’re taking the piss?

  23. Piss? What? I am semi-drunk now if that’s what you mean.

  24. haha that’s not what i mean but hey same here. you said you weren’t after last night – bad boy 😛

  25. Oh, had nothing to do with my sleeping poorly. That had more to do with me sleeping too late on Thursday!
    Being semi-drunk makes posting more fun. Being fully drunk would be best but since we’re watching a movie shortly, I decided against it.
    So what is taking the piss?

  26. Ah, ok, looked up that expression, no I wasn’t joking about the ‘other sort’ of actresses.

  27. well i’m not going looking for them. i’ll ask the hubbie in the morning – maybe he’ll know haha

  28. Back all. I think most celebrities are hot, but one stands out. Drew Barrymore…she has a butterface imo. If you guys aren’t familiar with it, in the US it mean: “Man, she has a hot body…but her face! :(”

    No no lol…I am able to say that I think someone is attractive while watching a movie. He does, SOMETIMES get slightly hurt that I said that, because he thinks he’s not good enough enough for me to not think that way. He is definitely good enough for me…I just have a horrid sex drive.

    Been together for two years, and actually, my wont to have a threesome and all that other jazz, is slowly dying. Sad to say i think it’s from my sex drive calming down some, and also, because I realize I may never be able to. So subconsciously, my brain is saying: “fuck it. just kill the fantasy then. Don’t cheat or leave” Human minds are strange..I want to go back to Psychology. 😀

  29. Keona, you can’t help but find people attractive. You don’t have conscious control over it, as my wife says. The faithfulness comes in whether you actively encourage fantasies of them or not.
    I’m glad you two are happy together (although it seems a waste to have a girl who wants a 3some with a guy who doesn’t… so many couples with the reverse problem).
    Psychology eh? My wife has her undergraduate degree in psychology and now studies educational psychology.

  30. Yes, during my senior year of high school, I had to choose two half-semester classes to fill in a class period. The only ones that interested me were Psychology and Honors Mythology. I did poorly in the Honors class, mainly because I had extremely limited knowledge to begin with, and it was so much information so fast. My bad memory made it difficult, too. That class was filled mostly with geek/ nerds who already knew most of the material and coul recite it in their sleep.

    I did well in Psychology. As someone with a few head problems, I take it upon myself to research and learn about my ailments, to better understand them, my behavior, and why I feel or think a certain way. It’s given me peace of mind instead of being frightened of being a “crazy”.

    I agree, it is funny to be in this sort of relationship rather than the opposite. Though, I’m glad in a way. As I said, I’m still slightly insecure, so if he were the traditional way, I would worry of him cheating or going out for a threesome and leave me out. In the beginning, he was more hurt and such over how I am. I resented him being the way he was, but over time, we’ve accepted each other and don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. He’s by no means controlling, and doesn’t want to be or come off as such. He knows that if the whole world knew of him, they would probably hate him for being different.

    I believe over more time, we will mature even further and perhaps even come to some agreement on that subject. But we’re both 21-22, still pretty young. We’ve got all the time in the world. 😀

  31. Wow, 21-22? It is so weird to me to be talking to someone younger than myself (other than in a teaching situation).
    Ok the only other thing I wanted to say was, you should be sure you’re with him for the right reasons, i.e. because you do love him, and not simply because you’d feel guilty leaving him because of your own past experiences or because of your low self-esteem (I am not suggesting that either of the latter is the case, but I wanted to throw this out there).
    I don’t think many people would ‘hate’ him for being ‘different’ (and I think there’s lots of people, men and women, like him, he isn’t that different). I mean, why would anyone else even care? It is refreshing really to hear of some guy who takes fidelity seriously, just ironic that you are more open than him. Anyway anyone who makes a big deal of it is kind of an idiot and it isn’t really any of their business anyway. I do still think you could talk him into a threesome with another girl with a little work though;).
    I like Celtic and Norse mythology. Greek is boring. Except the story of Prometheus. I love that one. It is very Norse in style.
    The song ‘Normal Like You’ by Everclear nicely summarizes my own psychological state.

  32. Thanks for this chat, teacher. 😛 Much appreciated. And I didn’t even have to pay you $100 an hour.

    I am in it for the right reasons. 🙂 I said something earlier about when I fooled around and it felt “empty” Well..I mean..if I WERE to leave him for someone more open, I would still think of him. Sure, I’d get to do whatever I pleased…but I’ve never loved anyone like I’ve loved him. “Cool…I can fuck around with what I wanna try..but where’s the spark I felt before? The love? the passion? It’s gone..” I’m choosing love, and a very good fidelity, over fun and possible diseases.

    He means he would be hated as in, not many girls would want to be with him. Most people I’ve talked to about this, seeking advice, always said he was controlling and psycho. They never full understood it. He knows he would be thought of as controlling or psycho, and he’s not. It just comes off that way.

    I’ll check out that song

  33. Well I don’t think it is controlling to not want one’s partner to look at porn or sleep with other people or post titty pics of themselves online. I was unaware, in fact, that many girls would dislike this; I thought girls generally wanted this from their mates.
    I do have bad news: women peak sexually around age 30, men at 18.

  34. oh gawd x.x

  35. This comments thread is ri-fucking-diculous. Seriously, get some friends out in the real world Keona. This is some of the lamest stuff I have ever seen on Lamebook.

  36. @mb couldn’t have said it better myself. yawwwwwwwn.

  37. mb, we’ve had many other trolls say this trash and complain about this site and the comments, and every time we respond the same way: Get the fuck out if you don’t like the site. Simple as that. You’re no better than the Youtube fucks who go on a video, and say you hate it so much. Yet, you stay on the hated video, just to bitch and instead of leaving. It makes no sense. This is the internet, if you didn’t no, telling someone to “leave and go do something” is pretty stupid. You’ve got no life either, if you spend it going on sites and bitching to people.

    If that was TL:DR for you: Go take your own advice and stop being hypocritical you fuck. Same goes for you, fringefail.

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