Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

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  1. Anyone want to translate that into…fuckit, any comprehensible language

  2. The dog ate a bag of weed.

  3. can someone explain the pic?

  4. It’s suggesting that they’re eating the cats from the clinic at Hon’s, Jim.

  5. @Jim – Wow.

  6. Huh. And all this time I thought they ate dogs.

  7. Katie:So my dog, of the name ‘Prince’, ate my bad of marijuana, hence he won’t be able to function correctly until tomorrow! Damn, thank goodness the vet doesn’t randomly drug test your pets.
    Brandon:Oh Man…You poor little dog, he’s going to to ‘fuck around’ as a result of consuming the marijuana and go into a coma!
    Katie:I’m aware of the fact he can’t get onto a table to steal food, but seriously, one leaves some marijuana on the table, leave,s then comes back and sees it on the floor – riddle with holes no less. They need P.J.A. (Pet Junkies Anonymous)
    Brandon:They need to…I’m fucking lost trying to translate this last part.

  8. Ironically, seconds after clicking ‘Submit Comment’, i spot like 7 grammatical and spelling errors. GO ME!

  9. yeah I would have got it if it was dogs

  10. @Pedan:
    Katie: It seems that my beloved canine friend Prince got into my parcel of marijuana. Unfortunately, he will be rendered useless until tomorrow. I thank my lucky stars that the vet doesn’t partake in urinalysis tests.

    Brandon: Oh, your poor little canine. He’s going to scamper about and possibly become comatose.

    Katie: I concur, he is unable to climb onto the dining room table to get morsels of food, but if an African American individual were to possibly leave a parcel of marijuana on the dining room table, and this same African American individual were to leave the room, and this same African American individual were to re-enter the room, surely the parcel of marijuana would be dispersed upon the floor with holes punctured in it. The canines need a PJA meeting (Pet Junkies Anonymous).

    Brandon: I disagree with your analysis of the PJA meeting. I believe that what is warranted is a PYPOWIABPSTYWHTPSSOYFAEUPL class (Put Your Parcel Of Weed In A Better Place So That You Won’t Have To Post Stupid Statuses On Your Facebook And End Up On Lamebook class).

  11. Man, Stomp, I didn’t see your translation….crap.

  12. The last part suggests he should make his super funky awesome marijuana spiffy on a table or unit that’s higher up and out of reach the prince..

    It makes more sense like this, No… they need to put your stash up better, class!!!

  13. Click my name bitches…. it’s a Kiwi. Awwwwwww 🙂

  14. i am surprised that there was any weed left for Prince to ingest.

  15. @Miss Cat, ha ha! Awesome.

  16. I suggest they take a how to speak english class and wise the fuck up

  17. Casshern, I believe the use of quotation marks would improve the final statement. ‘They need a “put your stash where the dog can’t get it” class for idiots such as yourself,’ for example. While we’re on the subject, pass Prop. 19 (or whatever number it is)!
    In general, though, curlybap is right. Speaking ‘gangster’ does not make you look ‘cool.’ It makes you look like you can’t speak goddämn ENGLISH, AMERICANESE, or even SPANGLISH, bítches. It also makes it hard for me to understand what you are saying, and it suggests to me a priori that it probably isn’t worth the effort to do so.

  18. 😛 @Mad2phyicst…Ahhh you got me there. I try my best at getting it all right but alas my dyslexia (had to look up at how to spell that)and poor memory gets the best of me…

    I will always remember you now as the quotation-mad-physicist.

  19. Lovely, miss cat

  20. its so funny, i submitted a similar post on here once and in the post, a girl was watching maury and quoted the girl on there verbatim and it was something like “my name bees sahaniqa my bebes dady has be chetten on me…etc” and someone asked her to translate it into english and she did. Everyone went crazy saying it was still english and i was like bootiful, wat, and frand arent words, and it became this mild argument, but now everyone is saying the opposite of what they were then.

    if that makes sense

  21. Well Casshern, here’s another quote. ‘wat a bootiful frand’ is not English any more than ‘oðð þæt seo geogoð geweox’ is. The difference is that the latter is part of an actual sentence from a formal dead language (anybody know the source and language?), whereas the former is just a bunch of people who can’t pronounce words.
    Candid, clearly I was not a part of this argument because, well, obviously I hold the other position.
    And Casshern, I didn’t think dyslexia affected quotation-mark use?

  22. @mad2–thank you. i was irritated at the comments to be about the “evolution of language” and “who are we to say whats english since the language changes daily” and im like…we’ve got dictionaries for a reason. Some people just dont get it. i wish i could give you the link to it but i’ll have to hunt for it cuz it was over a month ago

  23. Ahhh, language. Punctuation and capitalization be damned, cuz I’s be the judge of what is and is not acceptable.

    I’ve always loved that kiwi. I have a buddy who does animation for Disney, among other things. He didn’t like the video when I showed it to him. I’m pretty sure he’s going to hell.

  24. @casshern. that video was outrageously cute. love it.

  25. @mad2physicist… It don’t and I never said dyslexia did affect that… it was my poor memory on my part not to go back to add them.

    Plus have never said I was excellent at any language.

  26. Like so many of the Lamebook posts of late, I’ve nothing to say about this one.

    casshern, your vid is good. I didn’t watch much as I get bored with clips that go longer than 2 mins, but I saw enough to get the gist. My link (at the moment) is longer than 2 mins, but my exception will always be music – and porn.

  27. @mad – is it aramaic?

    I love the comments from our handy translators, you two are too cool for school. Re the weed – what a stupid bitch, and the dog is obviously the reincarnation of Bez from the Happy Mondays 🙂

    In one of the takeaway menus we have lying around our flat, there’s a dish called Thai Ho Fun. Only £4. Makes me laugh, but I’ve never ordered it, figuring that even a Thai Ho won’t be much Fun for that little money.
    And no, the chinese eat cats, not dogs. Well, perhaps they eat dogs too? Maybe they’re kinda like the French and will eat most things. And Maury is absolutely hilarious and mind-destroyingly depressing at the same time – instant manic disorder!

  28. I can say with absolute certainty that dogs are eaten in China 🙂

  29. nom nom nom

  30. I live right by the cat clinic and hon’s wok. They are in St. Louis in the Central West End. It’s kind of a joke around here….

  31. @ammccal now i can remember passing that before in saint louis.

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