Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Miner Issues

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  1. I’m guessing that’s also Bobby’s dating strategy as well.


  2. So, heard any miner jokes lately?

  3. I hope Adam and Cindy drown in quicksand for their awful attempt at being “witty”

  4. Well, this is fun.


  6. Ahem.

    Matthew, I hope you get punched in the head.

  7. I second that, Hobo.

  8. Hobo you’re going to have an aneurism. Remember what the doctor said. Now, say it with me “CALM BLUE OCEAN CALM BLUE OCEAN CALM BLUE OCEAN…”

  9. 33 men trapped in that space for over 2 months…

    Isn’t anyone else thinking circle jerk?

    It’s the only thing I’m thinking.

  10. Ony you would play the biscuit game in a mining disaster wordyperv

  11. Well, think about it…

    They had to get their rocks off somehow.

    Yeah. I made a shit joke.

  12. I thought nothing could be as bad as the never-ending stream of Bieber, Twilight, and sandwich jokes. Apparently I was wrong. None of these were funny in the least.

  13. @word, it might have been shit, but it was still funnier than any of the posts.

  14. I wasn’t before Wordy, but now… mine shaft has a whole new meaning.

  15. Good thing none of the miners are six feet under or this hole thing would be extremely inappropriate.

  16. LMAO @word, I thought the exact same thing!

    And, God help me, I think I know Justine. She’s not too bright. Wow. What’s sad is there are more people out there like that.

    Coming soon, The Real Housewives of Chilean Miners.

  17. Heard this one at work today

    “They’ve not found this many minors underground since Fred West’s house was dug up.”

    Sick I know,…. sorry.

  18. Cindy’s was made worse by the “Bahahaha.” Those jokes didn’t deserve a “ha,” let alone 2 “bahahahas.”

  19. Ever notice how you don’t hear about ‘salt peter’ anymore? That might have saved a lot of embarrassment down there.

    bare ass-ment .. I slay me.

  20. “Durr hurr hurr miner and minor sound the same. I’m so clever. Durrrr.”

    God. I’m sick of this. I feel like I’m trapped in a hole of bad puns. I bet this is how the miners felt. I guess I should just start praying for a swift end, because I don’t think Nasa is coming after me.

  21. stupoid jokes are stupoid

  22. Aw c’mon those puns by Adam were pretty good; I have heard worse in “friday night stand up” on comedy central.

  23. Adam’s sediments were fucking retarded. He’s just an insensitive, igneous tool.

  24. Hawk, you shouldn’t bother looking for quality comedy on CC these days.
    Except wait, now they have the new seasons of Futurama. So they have one good thing going.

  25. Justine, I’ll bet my bottom dollar you’re not the smartest tool in the shed. I’m sure your low quality humor only amuses minors, making their stones start producing little ones, and their shafts rock hard in anticipation of the impending comeuppance.

  26. Your bottom dollar? I thought strippers usually got dollars in the front of their g-strings, not the back.

  27. justine makes me want to stab my eyes out for having read that stupidity.
    @soup, sorry but it’s sentiments

  28. undergroundtunnel


    We get it, you’re sick of pretty much everything on lamebook.
    Why are you still here again?
    You’re not clever, witty or even close to funny. All you do is complain, and it’s obnoxious.

  29. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ shanfla – *shakes head* are you serious? Sediments, igneous and tool were all wordplays that are related to the miners’ story – ‘sediments’ on ‘sentiments’, ‘igneous’ on ‘ignorant’ and ‘tool’ is fairly obvious. I’m sure soup doesn’t usually insult people by calling them a rock produced by intensive heat.

  30. well underground, being his latest (and by no means only) stalker – I hope he’s here because he continues to make us smile with his clever, witty and very funny comments and rants

  31. Wordy – I completely thought that the other day. See you in Hell?

  32. undergroundtunnel

    curlybap is gay

  33. you wish 😛

  34. NASA built the capsule? I could have sworn they only advised on the creation of the nutritionally balanced diet. Was the capsule not built by the Chilean Navy?

  35. Actually, it was designed by South African engineers, but hey NASA is close enough

  36. thatguy has the rightness of it. It was indeed designed by ZA engineers, however I am uncertain as to how it was built.

    Also, at the risk of offending ranters here: Did you know they got the miners out Juan by Juan?

    Sorry… I just couldn’t resist

  37. “Bahahaa” in any form should not be allowed. Ever. I loathe it.

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