Thursday, February 11, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. thirst

  2. is the asian dude pointing with his tongue?

  3. Savannah has herpes.

  4. What is going on at that urnial?

  5. NBR 2 WTF?

  6. That one asian kid looks thirsty.

    They get like that when roundeye meat is in the vicinity.

  7. Mateee, that old guy in the last one is bloody hilarious. Cranky old men ftw!

  8. Grampy FTW!

  9. The first one is not that lame and common. All the rest are very weird, especially number 2. Not at the peepee guy, but who/what the hell are those Asian-looking guys doing?

  10. The bloke in the fourth one is only bending down to listen to what the girl’s saying. Hardly a worthy Lamebook entry.

  11. Lamebook is just getting worse……

  12. Hahaha @fealkj #3 – That is the herp on her lip! Ewww!

    And what’s up with the Asian kid?? Creeper!

  13. #3 Is she puking, or giving head?

  14. The broad in #3 has a screwdriver. The nonsense in the background is just a diversion so she can shank those bitches. Jeez, it’s like none of you people have ever been to prison.

  15. Ohhhhhhh Yeah. Nothing like getting head and being busted in a photo for it. ROFL Giggity Giggity

  16. I agree these aren’t very funny or interesting. The only thing that grabbed my attention was the American Eagle being written backwards. I thought it was probably some new style or something until I noticed grumpy dad’s shirt says Army written backwards. I thought it was just a normal webcam photo but it was either taken through a mirror or the image was flipped????

  17. Walter Sobchak, your comment wasn’t funny or interesting either.

  18. Dick ARMY FTW.

  19. I <3 Gramps.

  20. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    You’re really reaching Wally. No one ever takes their own picture in a mirror.

  21. @Super Nintendo Chalmers
    Seriously? “No one ever takes their own picture in a mirror.”
    I hope that was some serious sarcasm :/

  22. yeah, and Walter, it could have just been taken with a MacBook, or probably any other number of things…don’t worry about it. No need for four question marks, it’s not that weird.

  23. Writing in pictures taken with my Mac webcam is backwards. I don’t know why.

  24. last one made me lol.

    @gr_on23 change settings. You have mirror imaged it

  25. The guy in the first picture is simply communicating with the Colorado Buffaloes football team in a perfectly natural and appropriate way. Frankly, I admire his restraint.

  26. LOL they took a picture, in the bathroom, with a guy behind them having a slash. absolutely comical.

  27. Does anyone else think Lamebook has gotten stuck in a rut?

  28. not really. it’s understood there’s only so much stupidity that can be uploaded, but every so often an absolute winner comes up. well thats just my opinion

  29. could it be a piercing on the girls lip?? Not facial herps?? The guy in number 3 doesn’t look too happy about possibly getting blown!

  30. @27 BritishHobo

    Yes. And where’s Ben? Still abusing his mother, getting drunk on HER $40 wine, and passed out?

  31. coolwip, you’re a tool. I wasn’t trying to be funny or interesting – just asking a question that was eventually answered. And my uninteresting comment generated quite a few more comments. And super nintendo, the point is that THAT picture wasn’t taken in a mirror, dumbass.

  32. Hum, maybe his zipper is stuck… she’s just giving him a hand, or mouth. Either way.

  33. Hahaha I like Grandpa 😀

  34. If you hate Lamebook so much, why don’t you go collect signatures to put a proposition on the ballot and vote to ensure you can’t ever marry it?

    Also: suck my dick.

  35. I’m curious if there is a lack of privacy in Asian countries when it comes to bathrooms. This is the second mirror picture Ina public restroom that I’ve seen on lamebook. Also I was at the Asian food store a couple weeks ago, trying to use the urinal when some kid came and stood not six inches behind me and facing me. I could almost feel his phone in my back as he texted away. It wasn’t a crowded bathroom either. Odd.

  36. CU is full of douchebags like that…it comes with being a Boulderite. So it’s not too surprising.

  37. Looks like Patrick and his friend are going to try and get a piece of that white pigdog meat.

    The kid in the background of Drew’s pick probably got the finger given to him first due to the fact that he looks like a snarky little ratfuck.

  38. For those of you that think these are stupid…I think they are frikin hilarious!!!

  39. GrammaticalErrors

    Suit up boys, we’re going to the bathroom!

    I can almost see security out the front with a rope refusing entry “Not with those shoes mate”.

  40. Drew is hot. Best lamebook post ever.

  41. Getting your myspace pout on for another auto photo shoot in your own bathroom is one thing (That confirms you are a tool belt), but what is with the alarming trend of people doing it in public toilets…? Go outside you semtards, is the streaky mirror, pissed on floor, graffitied walls, flouro lighting and weirded out patrons that actually go there to piss that picturesque that you just can’t deny yourself a little happysnap?

    A lot of Lamebook commentators are pushing for eugenics reform so that chronic fuckheads can’t have babies, but I say start small, first of all people should have licences to own and use digital cameras… Rule #1 Toilets aren’t photogenic places.

    …Grandpa in the last photo might be a ghost. He watches over his grandkids while playing with his junk…

  42. MsBuzzkillington (like the user name by the way)

    Agreed, and I would Drew no problem, he’s got great teeth.

  43. DO Drew that is.

  44. Has no one else noticed colour of the guys hand on the left in the toilet? What is going on here?!

  45. hitmebabyonemoretime

    Looks like Emma’s photo was taken on Australia Day. I just noticed the Australian flag on the chick’s arm and face.

  46. I am really creeped out by the asian dude whose tongue is hanging out. Why is his tongue out? Is he turned on by urinal guy and licking his lips in a lustful way? Is turned on by his own image in the mirror? WTF? Do guys often hang out in public mens rooms taking photos for their family album?

  47. The second picture eshapeshaly is pretty fucking disturbing.

    It serves as a warning to keep an eye out for creepy Asians in suits while you’re pissing…

  48. WhAt tHe FrAcK iS PiC 3>>guy getting head in the back WEIIRRRDOOOSSS

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