Thursday, February 11, 2010

That’s Just Too Much

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  1. More FB rape?

  2. …well at least for Jesse

  3. ‘First time its happened, soo I’ll not say anything to her.’

    Joke, right?

  4. Whats wrong with 4 times a day?

  5. Alex is fishing for compliments

  6. All of those guys commenting on Michelle’s photo giving her compliments are fucking pathetic. Need to learn that constantly praising a girl =/= SEX FOR J00

  7. Absolutely nothing slimjayz.

  8. *oops, I meant Michelle was fishing for compliments

  9. some of these literally took my breath away… what the fuck is wrong with people?

    is michelle retarded? and i mean that seriously. how did people telling her they liked her picture mean she could share private details of her sex life no one cares about?? WTF.

    and i simply refuse that the poopy threesome one is not some sort of joke… no one can be that vulgar and disgusting as to post something like this in all seriousness..

  10. Poopy threesome?!
    If Andy’s is real he is a complete cock.

  11. You get more boogers at night because your oxygen is more consistent.

  12. Andy is such an amateur. Everyone knows that if you catch her in the act, you have to rub her nose in it or she’ll never learn.

  13. Two words, Justin: midnight snack.

  14. Jesse needs to find a woman or man, whatever. Bet he’s got some blisters, then again, just a calloused hand.

  15. andy is a freak

  16. @eenerbl

    You can have someone and still play that often… Just sayin

  17. Mental picturing slimjayz hands.

  18. *Mentally

  19. @soup LMAO

  20. Michelle needs a good helping cock like Andy. Then maybe she wouldn’t be such a tool.

  21. Oh dont mentally picture… I have amazing hands… jizz must moisturize

  22. Andy is my hero, what a purely genius story.

  23. Battle sh¡t wouldn’t work because the whole point of the game is that the ships are concealed and you have to guess where they are. If Rodney continues to advertise the location of his battleships so openly, he ain’t gonna win ship.

  24. As the maker of Trevors Right I don’t* understand what Jesse’s problem is

  25. ^ “ain’t gonna win ship”, I seriously ROFLYSSTed.

    Wonder how Andy can be so sure Paula wouldn’t ever read his profile page? Is she retarted?

    Oh and “classy” must have an entirely different meaning in Michelle’s little world.

  26. Justin is gross. Sharing Vagisil! That is even grosser! Sensible Madness is the grossest. (laughing)

  27. (And I’m not even going to comment on Andy. I think I might be sick.)

  28. Paula is a scrotum. Not cool.

  29. OK, I will comment on Andy….she was sitting on him all night with her sh*tty behind…and the smell is his only problem.

  30. ROFL nothing like getting head in the background of someones photo… Oh yeah. Giggity Giggity

  31. Who in the hell shares Vagisil? And if there’s a need to ask someone if they still have it, then go buy another one.

  32. Sharing Vagisil?? That’s nasty! Katie and Hannah, GKY!

    Andy, I hate you.

  33. I don’t know what vagisil is and I dont want to know. But i think Katie, Hannah, and William are all in the same family.. so maybe that makes sharing it more acceptable?

    There is something wrong with Andy’s post. When he replied to the comment he almost just said exactly the same thing. It makes me think his profile was maybe hijacked. But if the story is true, only a punk wouldn’t just simply block that smell out of his mind. As a guy you can’t let things ruin your focus. And if you say something to the girl you’re just going to ruin that position for both of you. She’s probably worried about the smell and dingleberries already. You can’t confirm her worries!! Just tell her she looks sexy from there! Am i wrong???

  34. How do people still not understand that the only private messages on fb are instant messages and email?
    You write on someones wall and it’s gonna come up in our updates. Sheesh.

  35. They went to Taco Bell to buy condoms…in a cab.

  36. I hate Michelle. If she didn’t like that photo of herself why did she make it her profile pic? And wtf does Taco Bell have to do with anything? And whytf does asking the cab driver to go to 7-eleven to buy condoms justify telling all your friends and family that? That’s called sophiticated logic.

  37. Hold on…so she had such a problem with him going to get condoms from…taco bell or whatever, that she felt she had to call him out on facebook about it…but she still had sex with him? What is the logic there. “Ugh, I’m so disgusted by his behaviour, after we have sex I am SO going to go on facebook to tell everyone how stupid he is.” Maybe just cut out step 2 sweetheart and then you wouldn’t look like the fucking moron in this situation.

    Plus her whiney fishing for compliments makes me want to stab her in the eye with a sharp stick. Who the fuck describes a photo of themselves as ‘insignificant’? Essentially she’s saying “oh god guys, I am so much hotter than this and I have much hotter photos and you’re all idiots for saying I look nice.” This of course is completely disregarding that she’s the one who chose the fucking photo as her FUCKING PROFILE PICTURE so she must actually like it unless she has a penchant for prominently displaying how ‘insigificant’ she looked at one particular point in time.

    Also, is she somehow relating her flat hair and insigificant looks to Ashish’s lack of pre-coital smoothness? Fucking hell.

  38. Gaybriel, well said mate.

  39. Katie/Hannah is definitely a set up.

  40. @ gaybriel, u took the words right out of my mouth!

  41. @slimjayz: Well, I walked straight into that one huh?!

  42. The only thing that bothered me was “to taco bell and 7-eleven to buy condoms”.

  43. I CANNOT belive anyone is commenting on any post other than Andy’s poo one. I mean, really?

    Andy is, in my own humble opinion, one of the most aggregeous overshares of all time.

    BTW, Andy, if Paula ever reads this, odds are you won’t have to worry about it happening again.

  44. okay, maybe battleshit was a bit funny, just because as a woman, I suspect men actually play this sort of game. They are inordinately proud of their farts and poo.

  45. that and being able to pee standing up !

  46. so can I Father, only when I do it, its a bit messy, lol

  47. Yeah, I’m Katie, and I assure you all that I have never at any point in my life needed Vagisil. It was a joke, but I’m glad to see that my friends think that I am really stupid enough to post shit like that on Facebook for everyone to see.

  48. @katiehorror
    Glad to hear it was done tongue in cheek because otherwise, eww

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