Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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  1. dude….episode…why?
    Don’t you have some sort of fake animal doll sprayed with hormones to collect that….also, out of curiosity, how do you get into a job like that. Is it sort of like how girls get into porn…did it start off as a simple modeling job perhaps…

  2. Its ironic hoe these guys are trying to preach to everyone about “letting them live their lives and do their own thing”. While they are refusing to see that we are all “living our lives and doing our own thing” by expressing our opinions on the issue.

    And i too agree that it is vile and disgusting. I dont care if you say its a genetic disorder, you know it is wrong. Pick up some books on sociology and it will all make sense. From what i can tell your friend ( the wolf kid) is a depressed person( i picked up on this due to his anger in his posts and his terms of sentence formation) depressed men often seek out ways to draw attention to themselves. We use this method to boost our self esteem. He may say he posted this update to inform people on his gross sexuality preference but his real reasoning was attention. That being said i think you and your friend need to go get help, regardless if you deem it to be wrong or not it is illegal. You can also thank facebook for reporting your post to the government and im sure you to are now black listed. You should be a little more careful about where you disclose certain information via the internet.

    This is my opinion and you have yours. I just hope that you realize what you are doing before it forms a habit and it is to late.

  3. HO. LY. SHIT.

  4. I hope Chris never becomes a therapist.

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