Monday, September 14, 2009

Smokin’ Dopes



“Hey bitch! This weekend rocked!  I got smashed at Jimmy’s house and let’s just say the backdoor was unlocked 😉 LOL!”

Ah shit, I just sent that text to my mom.

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  1. @29
    Yeah that definitely has to be London Ontario. I grew up there so I know there’s nothing better to do other than smoking weed.

  2. @ Canaduh, Yeah London ON!

  3. hahaha I love how this happens more and more as parents get on FB.

  4. I never said I smoked weed Canaduck and other, my dears. I simply stated that wasn’t a lot to be bragging about.. If anything I was agreeing with everyone that they’re retarded for putting it in the open. Chill out.

  5. Hypocrites

  6. It could be London, KY.

  7. Who the fuck “does” weed?

  8. @28 (who referred to 13)

    Which English accent do you refer too? Old chum.


  10. I’d love to meet these two honeys and explore their backdoor he he he

  11. what’s so lame about this is the kids are probably only 13 or 14. what else is lame is the fact that these dumb kids make people who do occasionally smoke look retarded as fuck. i’m going for my rn as we speak people and i do occasionally partake. do i type lyke thisss? nah. lame lame lame. yes the internet is lax on such things as capitalization but to purposely type like a dumb ass and brag about “doing weed?” sigh. that’s just how pot gets its negative image. do it occasionally and live a real life. and don’t post/brag about “doing it” it all over facebook.

  12. @54 Zoned

    Nobody cares if you actually smoke pot or not, but your comment sure made it sound as if you did and were bragging about it. If several people came to the same conclusion as a result of reading said comment, the fault probably lies with you, not them.


  13. Canaduck takes the intrawebz for srs.

  14. As if any more proof was needed that excess weed fuuhks uup yeehh braiiiin.
    Personally, my own brain is bleeding after reading that piss poor excuse for a conversation.
    Weed I have no problem with. Morons like this however…
    Mum kind of loses her point though when she can’t spell Kaitlin.
    It’s phonetic ffs

  15. IDIOTS

  16. Vincent Van Gopher

    I read this in my own English accent (Southern, mumbly) and did indeed find it quite amusing. Did the aha in the style of ABBA/Partridge for some reason. Tickled me anyway.

  17. The whole Facebook convo sounds perfect for one of those drug-free commercials. Just have someone do the voices for each person, and it’s all set!

  18. The thing that I find hilarious is when she said “i havent hadd any funn since yuhh leftt :(” and then quickly adds in “exept witth katiie”. I assume Katiie would have gotten mad if she hadn’t stated her as fun.

  19. What a bunch of losers. “Ooooooooooh I’m so cool I smoke dope and I tell the whole world that I do it”. Hey if you want to smoke it, go ahead be my guest but it just shows what a lame arse boring life u lead. Heres a thought for u fuckheads that think smoking dope is cool, thinking you have this mind altering experience, you’re not and you never will. Heres a another thought for you, how about getting off your arses and experiencing life instead of sitting around and being a bunch of lazy arses.

  20. @chip (13) We have many accents in Britain.

    These people have clearly smoked too much, either that or been hit over the head repeatedly with a shovel

  21. woow!!!ahaha…thats just crazy!!!

  22. lmao. Intervention time.

  23. fucking busted… dumbass!!

  24. Since when do you “do” weed…

  25. @ Tom

    Chill out man, go smoke some pot..

  26. so. good.

  27. @1 Don’t forget that Wendy needs to learn to spell too. It would seem the apple … yada yada.

  28. @ Tom
    You know, not everyone who smokes weed sits around all day doing nothing. I smoke weed and the only times I sit around all day doing nothing is when I have a day off.
    Chill out. Smoke moar.

  29. That’s why I set my entire family on limited profile. I never even wanted my family on there but they were persistent and feelings would get hurt.. psh. So now they can have me added and see nothing i’m doing as if they were never added. =D

  30. The British try to show we’re not stupid and someone comes along and does this.

    @Atticus ure so fkn h/core mannn , liek sooo h/core.

    Get a job you socialist fuck. Smoking weed ALL DAY isn’t cool it’s something people say to make themselves out as cool. So step 1.) Stop lying Step 2.)Finish School Step 3.)Kill yourself or a get a job

  31. @ 34 Im with you…no one else caught on to her saying she wanted Amber in her bed?!?!?!?! HUH?! I thought that is what the mum was commenting about, “I just got confirmation on what I thought was going on.”……anyone with me on that? no?

  32. She’s gonna “do” weed? What next? They’ll “do” glue, intravenously? What wastes of oxygen.

  33. I think that the lamest is Ashley and Wendy.I mean those girls are smoking weed,ok they are young,they are trying stuff blah blah blah but really?”Adults” posting about such a matter on Facebook?

    What the hell?

    That’s probably why young people do what they do,because parents don’t talk with them face to face and honestly.

  34. @Seriously youre a dumbass, that was her sister and her mom, of course her mom is pissed, she just found out her daughter does drugs. and her mom said theyre gonna talk about it, so you sound like a jackass

  35. @ #84:
    @Seriously: You’re a dumb-ass.
    The two other people in the conversation are her sister and her mother.
    Of course her mother is pissed off, because she just found out her daughters are using drugs.
    Her mother only said they’re going to talk about it.
    So you sound like a jackass.

    Spelling, punctuation and proper sentence structure.

  36. Hw is pot even a big deal?
    I bet her mom did the same thing when she was younger.
    at least the kid isn’t a meth or crackhead.

  37. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  38. Opps busted! LOL! In Malay it called ‘Kantoi’ hahaha

  39. LOL
    woow, a friend sent me here and i was browsing and realized that this is my sisters thread 😛
    The reason that my mother had me post was because i was already logged in and she wanted her to get the message asap, then i logged off and she got on. Amber is not allowed to hang out with a few kaitlins that is why my mom used the last name and last but not least the reason “dad” couldnt know about it is cause my mom is a hugeeee push over and lets my sister get away with everything, I think this is hilarious though, ive even saved all your comments to show to her so she can see how pathetic she sounds sometimes 🙂

  40. and it she is from london ontario.

    but shes not a huge pot head like some of you seem to think, she is a pretty good kid just chooses bad friends, this kaitlin girl has gotten her into alotta crap before. who cares if she wants to smoke weed,


  42. my guess is that mum was disguised as amber. re-read that conversation and tell me

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