Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spellcheck & Mate!

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  1. Ah, fuck it.

  2. Fuckin’ a man.

  3. pina get changes to penis ? Yeah ok. Eric is a funny guy.

  4. Penis colada? Sounds like someone’s filming “A Bunch of Guys; One Cup”

  5. Bukkake colada…

  6. Large Hadron Colada – (for the geeks out there)

    I was in Leticias’ Bizness for so long that my man muscle went all crinkly like a foot left in the bath too long. – (for the pervs out there)

    Adam, If you like cock in your bum you can’t complain that you shit a lot quicker, if you catch my drift – (that one’s just for me)

  7. Either way they’re gay. What man drinks pina colada?

  8. oatmeal Modern men who are in touch with their feminine side and are unfazed by how others perceive their sexuality would drink one… Oh and raving cockbumoholics would too.

  9. Oh-ho, homophobia! How delightful!

  10. “I spell it differently.” -___-

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