Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Facing the Problem

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  1. Nobody is that naive.

  2. i dont know buckle. with the piss poor typing/spelling/word usage is hard to figure out what the hell is going on.

  3. Hmmm… you’re probably right, odoyle10.

    I just realised that Eric and Tony are a couple of very uninspired douchebags. I mean…. this wonderful material gets handed to them, ….. and all they can think of in terms of funny responses, is”ha ha ha ha” and “lmao”. Fucksake, they’re probably two spotty teenagers that spend their evenings watching Jersey Shore.

    The ultimate lameness is the “Right, Tony?” at the end.

  4. wow, those guys really made a funny situation into a stupid one. way to kill a joke opportunity, assholes…

  5. Great minds, buckle, great minds…

  6. My sister gives facials for money

  7. But what is a “bakk” facial? Is she giving a facial to … her back? Did she leave some letters out of “bukkake?” I don’t understand!

  8. Maybe its supposed to be her full name Nancy A. Bakk? I don’t know though… not a fan of any kind of facial lol

  9. Fuck you guys! This is Eric, and Tony and I don’t watch the fucken jersey shore! We also didnt wanna make fun of Maria too bad. Haha. Yeah, I was gold what we were handed but still. Were nice guys and didn’t wanna be to harsh.

  10. Eric, why are you called joejon20? Now I understand why you didn’t make more out of that status, you are an illiterate moron.


  11. Yeah, I think we’re meant to laugh at the girls here, but the lame award does go to the guys.
    I’m all for stringing idiots along, but this was so poorly executed it made me wanna punch someone stupid.

    I need a facial to relax, now.

    Also, love ME, PA, ME!

  12. Now, onto something different – who’s that Stela person Anna is talking about?

  13. It’s Maria. Her name is Maria estela. So Stella. And fuck you paranoid jackass. What are you, the fucken nickname police?

  14. And what are you, Eric? 14?

  15. So Eric, you didn’t want to be too harsh on Maria ….. so you sent your lame attempt at humour in to Lamebook? Ha ha, what a terribly weak defence.

    I still can’t get over the lameness of “Right Tony?” though. What’s wrong with you? You guys do high fives when you meet each other, don’t you?

    Seriously Eric, you came here to feel good about yourself, but all you achieved is getting the lame award handed to you. Now, just be quiet and obediently receive my bakk facial.

  16. Unless wandr correctly estimated your age. In that case I didn’t just write that ^^^^.

  17. you wanna know whats funnier than this? all you fuckin trolls..get a life losers..stop jacking off to your stupid comments and quit harassing little kids

  18. Aaaaaaaaah, it’s Eric’s mommy. Hello maidenrules!

    Here’s a hint. This is Lamebook, not Disney World.

  19. Am I the only one who wants to forcibly drag Maria back to school, chain her to a desk, and make her learn how to spell?

  20. @darthkitsune: good luck on finding enough desks to chain half of Facebook’s users to, then.

  21. lame come back buckle..grow the fuck up

  22. Ouch. Coming from you, that really hurt, maiden. Because based on this thread, I really consider you (yes: YOU) the queen of eloquent repartee. If only I could see your facial expression when you write classic prose such as “get a life losers”

    Has your work been published yet?

  23. Ha ha ha, just had to come back to chuckle a bit more. Do you actually say things like “get a life losers” in real life, too? I mean, do you for example shout it at the TV when you and little Eric are watching Jersey Shore? Damn girl, you’re so ghetto.

  24. haha dude you’re pretty must be pretty popular.whats up with you and jersey shore? you seem pretty obsessed..and “ghetto” really?? with a name like “buckle_up” I should of expected such a stupid conversation.but whats to expect from a jersey shore obsessed pedophile..oh yeah and Im a guy retard.Maiden as in Iron Maiden..DUH!

  25. *should have expected
    *a gay retard

    Corrected that for you for free. You’re welcome.

    So, you must be Tony. You’re not very good at this, but please do keep trying.

  26. lame! how old are you…12? not sorry to disappoint you pedophile but I’m not gay and no sorry but Im not tony either lol…don’t quit your day job..(if you even have one)

  27. lol facials.
    tony and eric over did it tho.

    Oh and something smells burnt.. I think its Buckle_Up haha

  28. It’s just one cliche after the other from you, Tony/maiden. No wonder little Eric and you screwed up so badly. And how exactly are you trying to insult me for being 12 years old AND a pedophile? Even someone as dumb as you must see the flawed logic in that combination.

    Anyway, keep it going. I rather enjoy this new persona you’ve created for me. “Buckle_up, the 12 year old pedophile”. Fuck yeah, I’ll make a great villain in the upcoming Sin City sequel.


    For a second there, I thought to myself “wow, this thread has been pretty dead for a while, except for Tony/maiden and me dancing the old Lambada like it’s 1989. So where does this metalgod66 suddenly come from?”

    So I googled him (, and guess what …. zero results. Meaning: metalgod66 supposedly created a username just to make comment #27, in a thread that has been dead and buried for a while now. How likely is THAT? Actually, not very likely at all.

    Tony/maiden … the conclusion is simple, really. You’ve created a new username, just to save some face and get even with me? Ha ha, …. I can’t say if I’m disappointed or flattered. A bit of both, I guess.

    Please don’t try to deny it. You know it’s true, I know it’s true, and we are the only ones still reading this thread, anyway.

    You Sir, are pathetic.

  30. hahaha If you say so..and dont call me name is not tony.Its mario lol and you can go ahead and you could continue your little investigation because it doesnt look like its going anywhere.You really dont have a life if you’re looking up people..I really dont care about getting “even” because there is nothing to “get even” about.And If I’m pathetic I cant imagine what that makes you haha

  31. oh yeah you might want to talk to a psych about “paranoid schizophrenia” I think you might have a case lol

  32. Wait…….So Im talking to myself? IM TONY!? If Maiden is really tony and If I’m Maiden is that like a triple outer body experiance?
    Well Buckle..You’re right about one thing..My account IS NEW. lol But I didnt know that Lamebook didnt except new accounts or something..and I dont know if you noticed but at the bottom of the page there is a button that says “Next Page” and you can see older posts..but apparently I didnt know that I was only allowed to comment on the new posts.Sorry Im new at this lol But thanks for laying down the rules..and Im not going to argue with anyone because no matter who wins you’re still retarded for arguing with someone you dont know, behind the protection of a computer screen

  33. Maiden/metal, your two alter egos even make exactly the same spelling mistakes (look up the chapter on punctuation). But you’re such an illiterate moron, that you probably won’t even understand what mistakes I’m referring to.

    I’m going to say bye now. There’s no challenge here.

  34. lol whatever floats your boat man haha you forgot to mention tony..nice little conspiracy theory you have going on.but you definitely move on too something better.Even tho you have faulty evidence and weak accusations.I hope you’re not a lawyer.
    Nice little Chat we had lol I’m gonna miss it :'( oh well

  35. Hey Metal, have you heard “I am The walrus” by the beatles?
    “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” Thats our song 😀 I didnt know I had so many alias’s.That means I’ve been lying to the authorities when they ask me If I have any other names.It took a Pedophile to make me realize it.Oh well nice meeting pedophile and me.I think Im about done here.I can now cross “Make a troll look stupid” off my bucket list.

  36. Buckle up nailed it, Reading through the posts I thought the same, as for crossing Internet trolls off of your bucket list I’m not too sure, to me it seemed you got you big girl panties in a twist because people called you out for a weak use of a golden op, rather than sack up and treat it as the learning curve it should of been you kicked and punched very mildly into a situation where you managed to come out even more moronic than initially!
    Or am I buckle up under another ID to prove my point that fucktards can try to validate their own existance, don’t forget to go to a happy place when daddy comes in at lights out.

  37. haha I honestly dont care..its all fun for me 🙂 I could be as paranoid as buckle and say that you’re him..but im not that stupid lol

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