Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sensitive Subjects

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  2. Completely irrelevant, but strangely weird .. it was my friend Svens birthday yesterday too … he’s in Jamaica though. Possibly still at risk of being blown up :\

  3. Will this photo ever go away?? I first saw it YEARS ago and it’s still circulating like it is new. WTF.

  4. *Sigh…Jesus freaks and their barns…i would have made fun of it too

  5. I love that the bay has identity protection. So you won’t recognize it if you see it on the street.

  6. Jesus is…. DEAD
    Jesus is…. CAMP
    Jesus is…. JEWISH
    Jesus is…. HARD
    Jesus is…. About as old as this fucking photo.

  7. U non believers take any chance you can get to bash Christians SMH find something more productive #JustSayingGiveItARest!

  8. GodBotherer No rest for the wicked!

    and who said I’m a non believer?!… I believe in an anthropomorphic armadillo called Trevor, who created the observable Universe and all the spectacular life that is held within it in three weeks and two days. Trevor once had a son called Colin (Colin wasn’t an Armadillo he was a trout) Colin saved the world by dying for our fins….sorry sins.

  9. I’m pretty sure Jesus is, in fact, for lease, since Christians love to smear their religious feces over every aspect of life nowadays.

  10. Wow. I know this is a late post, but I just saw the first phot and had to comment. The “Jesus is lord” barn is about 1km down the road from my house, and during the world cup, it was changed too “Jesus is backing black” (the All Blacks) — who did actually win the RWC — but anyway, it burned down about four days ago, completely.

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