Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On the Plus Side…

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  1. Ben.

  2. Also, the first one did make me giggle.

  3. #1: not so new
    #2&3: saw that coming
    #4: This is actually funny.

  4. The first one is older than Jesus.

  5. The fourth one was pretty good – also kudos to #3, I was expecting a masturbatory joke.

  6. seems like the least complicated relationship ever.

  7. I didn’t laugh out loud or anything, but I did do an internal chuckle for each of these. Good effort, Lamebook. I too was expecting something about the hand in that third one, Comments. Glad for the surprise.

  8. I can’t see how a wank joke could be made out of the 3rd one.

  9. Oh I meant the second one. I didn’t go back up and count, assumed Comments was talking about that one too.

  10. Ah crap, I was and got the order wrong in my head. That should read “kudos #2″…

  11. Lies, Comments. You thought Tash was a guy and wanted to legally ejaculate on stupid people once a week.

  12. “It’s not illegal. It’s frowned upon”

    I like that better than me being a moron lame, so I therefore substitute my reality for the one you’ve put forth.

  13. *my reality with

    I give up today…

  14. I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t still a moron. Now this is awkward.


  15. I think I’ve proven your implications, so nothing to be awkward about…

  16. I want to bang everyone one of you, all at the same time, with beer bottles, in the bum…..Now its awkward.

  17. Awkward indeed Hawkbit. I’ll close the door on my way back out 😉

  18. It’s only awkward if he’s bought a cheap nasty beer to the party or one of those pissy little bottles of French lager…

    I’m hoping it’s one of those supersized Cobra bottles.

  19. It is only awkward if you make it awkward and special occasions call for a beer keg.

  20. The fuck are you talking about?

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