Friday, July 9, 2010

Troubling Times

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  1. porkchop_sundae

    park brake differential is weakening

  2. danielle_fargis

    @mass I’m 3.5 north of Toronto… I feel very close to you lol

  3. I have never had a problem with blue balls. I have however suffered many nicks on my wrinkled ball skin while shaving, sometimes so badly that my entire scrotum has been red. Once the blood soaked through my jeans and it looks like my uterus lining had shed. I had to wear a period pad for about a week. Yay for smooth pink nutsacks!!

  4. #6 doesn’t sound like the real Dan fargis.

    If Amy’s status is real, it’s pretty interesting. It’s reads like she will keep having unprotected sex with strangers until she gets an STD. And not having an STD yet justifies sleeping around.

    And it doesn’t read like somebody hijacked her facebook.

  5. Dan, please either move the plot on or stop. It’s still amusing for people who are new, but deeply tedious for the dedicated reader.

  6. Danielle and mass – I too am in ON – 45 mins north of Tdot 🙂

  7. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Blue balls are quite real. It’s more of a ‘coming close to coming’ that’ll do it. Not just a mere erection.

    There is NO COLOUR CHANGE, it’s merely a name.
    But it is very real, and very, VERY painful.

    Men: imagine every step you take is like getting sack-tapped. Not nice.

  8. at above – i wasn’t sure what you were talking about (also thinking literally of colour change). now i realise.

    it happens when you get prick-teased for like an hour but don’t come, and the semen gets backed up to your pineal. it’s one of the worst pains ever. where i live it’s referred to as ‘stone-ache’.

  9. The only blue balls I’ve ever seen were on my unrated DVD copy of Avatar.

  10. You obviously have never seen The Watchmen.

  11. what’s a weddin?? is that like a weeded garden?? “hey you kids get the hell out out of my weddin”!!!

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