Friday, April 9, 2010

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. HArlan is obviously a certifiable JAckass.

    Joe FTW

    Daniel is the true hero here though. Not often that you see someone react so gracefully to expressions of their sheeples’ minds being up Innuendo Alley.

  2. This whole conversation both disturbed me and intrigued me at the same time.
    I want to be part of the cool Lame people crowd so I can get invited to this party.

  3. lol

  4. The first one = win. And the only funny one, anyway.

  5. This place really dies on the weekends, doesn’t it?

  6. I also die a little inside on the weekends… huffing metallic spray paint helps though.

  7. The “Wins for the Weekend,” like me, suck balls!

  8. Alright miley?

  9. I fucking hate those battle of the sexes jokes. Everyone has heard them a thousand times and they weren’t that funny to begin with. If you want to be taken seriously, maybe try making your statements without reusing material that was lame and outdated in the 80s and come up with something original.

  10. I love justbeingsmiley more and more everyday.

  11. Sorry darlin’, I meant miley not smiley, it’s been a long fucking weekend.

  12. yeah tim and spooky… pretty lame, see spooky, told you i turn up every now and then

  13. A website called ‘ashley the whore’ both intriuges and scares me in equal mesaure.

    Either way, I ain’t fucking clicking it.

  14. another issue that most women have is MENtal retardation. 😉

  15. %JsSDLhhsgC!

  16. The admins need to delete and ban users who spam just to be the last comment.

  17. Last. 🙂

  18. ^Fail 😉

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