Thursday, September 30, 2010

Read ’em and Weep

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  1. eh, i worked for Walgreens for two years, and every black history month they would make me put the “Walgreens celebrates black history month” sign above the cotton balls and swabs….

  2. I’m a white girl with natural blond hair and light colored eyes. I grew up in a neighborhood full of Hispanics and even married a Hispanic male (I’ve been Mrs. Lopez for almost 5 years and have a mixed-race son). In my late teens and early 20s I worked as a medic in a primarily black neighborhood. In my entire life, I have never experienced more racism than working in a neighborhood full of black people. I’ve heard everything from “White girls tan ’cause they want to be black.” (I don’t try to tan.) To my personal favorite, “Your parents owned slaves.” That one I had to explain that my Mom is from Canada and that my Dad’s parents are from Germany. After a few years, I quit my job because I got sick of being hit on every day because some random black guy wanted to “experience a white woman.” I also got tired of hearing how “suppressed” everyone is, when black men were given the right to hold jobs and vote before women of any race ever were. Also, in our state, black people get to have test scores 10% lower than ANY race to get hired in emergency response jobs (police, medics, firefighters). That’s right, I have to be smarter than my black co-workers to get the same job. If I were to even hint at disliking something involving black people, I would be considered racist, but it is somehow socially acceptable to call me “Cracker” or claim that my parents owned slaves just because I’m white. I’ve worked with a few black gentlemen that did not fit this mold, but more often than not it’s just not the case. … So, yes, I’d say that black people are usually racists.

  3. The human race is filled with idiots and A-holes but the racist will only notice the ones of certain ethnicities and ignore the ones of their own. The racist also tends to project their racism on to others claiming that they are the real victim.

  4. @secksimilf– I could almost guarantee that you are neither “secksi” nor a “milf,” seeing as how you possess the intellect of a third grader with Down’s whose favorite snack is paint chips. Did one of those awful Australian black guys knock your fat ass up? Is that why you hate them all so much? I sincerely hope that you, at some point in the very near future, die slowly in a grease fire.

  5. Jeleroc, if you are referring to me, than you are pretty stupid. I never once claimed that there is no such thing as white racists or Hispanic racists. There’s racists of every color. I just explained that there seems to be a much larger percentage of black racists out there. There’s also an extremely large percentage of Asian racists, which can be noted by their extreme low percentage of inter-racial marriages. Just because I was noting the ways in which I have been discriminated against by being white, doesn’t make me a racist. By your logic, jeleroc, most black people really ARE racist.

  6. idiotbarbie, of course there’s white and Hispanic racists but there’s WAAAY more black and Asian racists though, right?

  7. i don’t see how a low percentage of mix-raced asian marriages means anything other than those people who don’t mix, happened to find more to identify with in their own culture which, duh, is not surprising. it’s not to do with racism. that was an incredibly ignorant comment, and indicative of someone with a very limited experience.

    btw, my mother’s chinese and my father’s english, i grew up in china. mixed kids like me are on the rise, especially over there. which can only mean?
    DINGDINGDING: idiotbarbie ran off her mouth with generalisations she can’t possibly really know anything about.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  9. well said 53!!!

    starting a staement with “I married out of my race and have a mixed kid, but…” is the same as “I’m not racist but…” they both try to justify the bad that’s about to follow.

  10. If the number of mixed children has increased in China, it doesn’t change how it is in the United States.

    Also, you’re all apparently blind to the racist comments about redheads. But, it’s okay to discriminate and say derogatory things about redheads because they’re white. Somehow that’s magically not racist.

    But the moment someone says something negative about the majority of black people, that’s racist.

    If a black person were to walk out into traffic and get hit by a car driven by a white person, that driver is going to go to trial over it being a hate crime. Switch the races and have a white person get ran over by a black driver, and it’s okay.

    You mean to tell me you never heard of “White Man Can’t Jump”? Or the fact that black comedians make fun of white people all the time? … Somehow it’s magically okay to hate on white people.

    You all just proved my point.

  11. The sad thing is, Black people don’t have to say things like, “I’m married to a white person, but…” They can just go on and on about how my ancestors made them slaves, when they didn’t.

    You don’t see Jewish people running up to me saying things like, your ancestors oppressed me because they’re from Germany.

  12. @Stinkpickle. I did say take them back to America didn’t I? I wouldn’t understand my post with a name like yours anyway. It’s going to be ok, I’m sure your mother still loves you!

  13. sorry guys but i gotta side with idiotbarbie. i had a black coworker say something to his pureto rican training officer and when he was confronted about it by administration he said “i can’t be racist. i’m black.” true story

  14. NO ONE noticed that the white shirts and the colored shirts are the same price??? Look how far we’ve come in the America! Yea! Bringing back seperate but equal!

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