Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tell It Like It Is…

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  1. Bendy Ben!

  2. I come to make my first comment for what seems like months, and it appears that “Ben” is still in fashion. Dumb.

    Anyway… since when were Court and Kat boys’ names? I know a girl called Court, short for Courtney, and a girl named Kat, short for Katherine, but that’s it.

  3. second one seems fake to me

  4. Court or Courtney is a guys name also. Ever seen Man in the Moon with Reese Witherspoon? The guys name in that is Court 🙂

  5. Snip is Frodo & Ben.

    Lesbians rule.

  6. I get Courtney, what about Kat? Katherino?

    Anyway, Court is a genius; he’s got the solution to world peace. Who needs a body like the United Nations when you can just send a Farmville gift?

  7. I’m just pleased that I can read these without feeling the need to stab myself in the eyes.

    Grammar win.

  8. I would say I’m surprised at the both of these but I have watched too many idiotic Jeremy Kyle shows to be be surprised anymore…

    @Snip… maybe Kat was a lesbian, but I’ve know of a guy called Court..

    As for the second one being fake… I hope not, I would really like to believe there is such idiots out there somewhere…

  9. Blah… grammar fail on my part. oops 🙂

  10. the last one is so shit and fake cus who the fuck says i hope u fall in a pit of quicksand as an insult wtf. apart from alordslums he is soooooo gay

  11. Did they say “Best brother ever”?
    Who the hell names their sons Court and Kat?

  12. These are fake. Just like 98% of the other SHIT on Lamebook these days.

  13. Minutes apart. Fake.

  14. Amanda didn’t want to feel guilty for cheating but she’s still a dirty sloot.

  15. “since when were Court and Kat boys’ names?”

    Since when did anything in this post indicate that Kat is a boy? Have you heard of gay people?

  16. If Farmville had that kind of power, I would have been playing it a long time ago.

  17. @15

    You’re right. I just saw that Kat called Court “brother”, and mistakenly assumed they were both brothers.

    I assure you that I have heard of gay people.

  18. @15 – well, since Court is Kat’s brother who slept with Kat’s boyfriend, I think we assumed that Kat was a boy, since if Kat is lesbo, then probably her lesbo gf won’t be sleeping with her bro..

  19. @ 18…..unless Kat’s gf is bisexual

  20. I had a friend in middle school who went by Cat and he was a boy. It was short for Catalin.

    Stacy and Kelly can also be male names so it’s not that far fetched. Nor is the timing between the posts. If you have Facebook open you get notified as soon as someone posts a comment. The last comment from Kat could easily have been typed within a minute.

  21. it sounds like Kat’s a girl because if they were both guys they would surely be throwing down and not on facebook

  22. Marc wins. Although I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too hard to tell who was getting into her – I don’t think it’s a very exclusive guest list.

  23. Oh for the love of God. My name is Kat which is short for Katrina. My brother is named Court which isn’t short for anything. I’m a lesbian and he slept with my bi girlfriend.

  24. Where is Sensible Madness when you need him?

  25. If Court and Kat are identical twins, then it’s not cheating. … Also, Court sounds like it’s short for Courtney, and I have never met a dude called Kat. Sounds like some lesbian sisters’ girlfriend swapping. … And let’s face it, that’s kind of hot.

  26. and yet Idiotbarbie, she calls him the BEST BROTHER EVER, so they can’t really be sisters, can they.

  27. i’m confused is court a girl or a guy …. and is this girlfriend like a lover or a friend? :s jesus

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