Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Wins to Start Your Week

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  1. So, is Rick’s joke meant to be a win or a fail?

  2. They are all wins, except for Ben. My penis isn’t small in the winter. It actually seems to be a bit bigger.

  3. I guess Ben prefers bigger dicks

  4. meh, mediocre at best.

  5. Did Joe like his own photo…?

  6. I think Cory submitted that himself because of the little privacy settings lock next to it.

  7. hey joe, who the eff cares what is being done to you. we don’t all love you as much as you love yourself.

  8. wow. it’s enough to upload a photo of you getting a tooth pulled or whatever the fuck joe is doing, but to make it your profile picture AND to like it? dear lord joe…

  9. Maybe Joe is in Dental school and wanted to see if his classmates wanted to guess which procedure was being done… Or he could just be a tard

  10. insert clever name here

    My theory is that Joe is blind and he woke up from a hangover with sore gums.

  11. Even more frightening than the fact that Ben loves huge cocks is the fact that Cory’s tiny penis is hiding among us on Lamebook.

  12. I’m confused. So Sumenri arouses women approximately 9.91% of the time?


  14. Is he really getting his tongue split? Makes sense. Not many would show a pic of their root canal. I think he may regret that one day…

    I once met a girl who wanted to have her 2nd and 4th toes amputated for aesthetic reasons. She thought it would look better. Yes, she was unhinged. She also told her friends that she would kill herself one day and that when she did they would receive a package in the mail. I always wondered if it would contain a toe…

  15. hehe jon basically said joe is gay

  16. Yes Rick, 11% of 0 is indeed 11. I thought these were supposed to be wins, instead of fails?

  17. I had to make an account just to praise #12 @mellomeh for his math win. Made my day.

  18. the small penis jokes are getting lame…even for lamebook.

  19. Thanksgiving with Grandma will never be the same…

  20. I think Rick means that women have a certain state of arousal that Sumenri enhances normally by 0….so pumpkin pie added makes that 11?

    0+11 = 11?

  21. @rocketman – While we know what Rick meant, it was a FAIL! Haha!

  22. **geek reply warning**

    well first of all giving state of arousal a numerical value makes absolutely no sense whatsoever… that being said.

    if arousal was at zero, an 11% increase would still be zero.

    arousal would have to be 100 for an 11% increase to raise it by 11.

    So rick fails, but in his defense a lot of the comments left couldn’t keep away from the failwagon.

    btw if you think i’m incorrect or would like to dispute, please visit your local preschool just after nap time where you’ll learn this while enjoying some ice cold milk

  23. Penis jokes = win in the same way a ‘George Bush is stupid’ joke = original. Or a penis joke = original. Or… ah, forget it.

  24. @facepunch

    He was saying the total would end up being 11%.

    Your little “smart” math ends up being 111%.

    In order to raise it by 11% and end up with a TOTAL of 11% you’d use the little equation of:

    x*1.11 = 0.11

    where x = the original amount of arousal, before the pumpkin bump.

    Divide and enjoy!

  25. ENOUGH already with the small dick and dudes calling each other gay jokes. They weren’t funny the first 300 times, either.

  26. @facepunch5000

    Umm…arousal wasn’t given any numerical value.
    Blood flow was.

    If you think about it that way, this is not a fail at all. It’s not as if there is zero blood flow to female genitalia…that’s idiotic.

    Your geek reply is not geeky at all, it was prejudging…

    It’s a confusing wording, but I don’t think his math is wrong if you are thinking blood flow. But I can see a defense for 9.91%…

  27. Hey Facepunch5000

    After saying “btw if you think i’m incorrect or would like to dispute, please visit your local preschool just after nap time where you’ll learn this while enjoying some ice cold milk”

    and then I DID say you were incorrect and I DID disagree… and showed how you were very wrong, you decided to shut up.

    I agree that you should have, but I just wanted to point that out, as you decided to be a “know-it-all”. 🙂

  28. Percentage increase in blood flow is what was originally being discussed, but then Sumenri asked if this meant arousal and Rick confirmed, thereby trying to apply the percentage increase to arousal. While I get what he’s trying to say and it’s meant to be a win, Rick tried to say that Sumenri doesn’t arouse women at all, ever. However, percentages only apply to numbers above zero, so an 11% increase from zero is not possible to calculate; the solution would still be zero.

    The formula for calculating percentage can be:

    Where x=11, y=original state of arousal (in this case being zero), and z=calculated state of arousal after smelling pumpkin pie.

    Because, as we all know, anything multiplied by zero is zero. I agree Rick isn’t making perfect sense, but we can all see how he was trying to slam Sumenri.

    Facepunch5000 is saying that in order for the solution for a percentage increase to be equal to 11, the original state would have to be 100. This is true, since 11% of 100 is 11. However, Rick is exclusively referring to percentage, so I can see how what Facepunch5000 said can be misinterpreted.

    Aaaaanyway…please don’t flame me.

  29. ^ WOW 😐

  30. inorite?

  31. It’s an (awesome) tongue split dumb bums.

  32. @12: Rick is saying that Sumenri NEVER arouses women, come on man!!! where on earth do you get 9.91% from??

    @16, 20, 22: yes 11% of 0 is 0. But 0%+11% is 11%… BUT 11% of 0 which still brings back to 0… I think this means his point still stands: he still brings his point across that Sumenri never arouses girls (ouch), perhaps he’s saying that even the pumpkin pie can’t help Sumenri haha…

    IMHO It’s a win 🙂

    @24: yes it would equal 111 but that’s what he was saying, it would need to be 100 for 11% to raise it by 11. total= 111, not a realistic number (and also irrelevant since it should be 11% not 11, but the maths was TECHNICALLY correct anyway) but then again… geez people it’s pumpkin pie: come on guys anyone who believes that pumpkin pie is gonna get you laid in the first place needs their head read!! ANYWAY THIS IS TOTALLY BESIDES THE POINT!! See above: HE STILL BRINGS HIS POINT ACROSS THAT SUMENRI NEVER AROUSES GIRLS, perhaps the pie won’t help either 🙂 (it probably won’t)

    p.s. tongue splits are gross. don’t do it. ew.

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