Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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  1. I remember the night my fiance purposed to me. 🙂
    I enjoyed many cumburgers that evening.

  2. I wish someone would ‘purpose’ to me.. looks like a nice ring. All I got was a proposal. :/

  3. Oh. Kkk then.

  4. Thanks for knowing what ok means.

  5. I want a ring and a wedding day, just not the marriage.

  6. tkaye…(gets down on one knee)… Will you you do me the honour of marrying me?

  7. Oh man, did I just witness a lamebook purposal?

  8. Why do you want one too ladyrisk? I think I’m allowed to have 12 wifes… 😛


    Casshern we will be forced to shoot you if you continue.
    Just a warning

  10. Fuck your autoplaying video ads, Lamebook!

  11. Hey dude do you overreact much?

    Pfffttt….shooting me is a bit much also, how about you get me a bottle of vodka for us to drink and I will be dead for the world in a couple of hours.. Is that a better idea than violence?

  12. Not a bad plan, not a bad plan at all.

    But you’re buying

  13. Yes. Like testosterone and alcohol don’t lead to violence.

    Cumburger. Brings new meaning to special sauce.

  14. casshern – vodka is for poor russians and pussys.

  15. i was disappointed that none of Selena’s “perv” friends took the “cucumber” reference and ran with it… speaking of purposes.

  16. The good roleplay proposals start with making a rose and orchid petal trail from her den to the nearby waterfall and then giving her a white silken gown and a tiara with diamonds and sapphires.

    That is, if you can follow up by making your leather pants and vest turn into a tuxedo…

  17. And then we said our vowels a few months after he purposed.

  18. I don’t think I get the cumburger.

    Is it like a normal burger (beef/veggie/chicken) but with cum instead of ketchup (why the fuck is it called ketchup?)
    or is it two bread buns with just cum inside?

  19. @ greenstrings

    see means cucumbers

  20. Yay my very own wallace!

  21. I like how in #1 it took Selena almost an hour to see that her post was “off” a wee bit, and then she still didn’t fix it or take it down.

    modern welfare 2 lol

    Okay what the hell, that is one huge ass energy drink.. and why is it in her engagement ring shot? I would have cropped that shit out on my purposal picture…

  22. Im sure the joose played a part in that dude asking for her hand

  23. What’s so funny about the Joose ring? And where is Joose sold in Watermelon flavor?????

  24. This has nothing to do with the posts but one of the ads that popped up for this is titled ‘How to handle a shy guy’ and features a woman grabbing a man’s head and shoving it forcibly into her chest region. I find this greatly amusing.

  25. Selena was very close to say “My sperming is horrible”. It would have been quite fitting, after the cumburgers.

  26. I think Kris likes trannies. Look at those man hands.

  27. @ # 23: (a) Kris apparently found a use for the Joose, because she/he “purposed”… (b) who the hell wouldn’t crop that out of their picture of their engagement ring?

  28. Selena, you fucking twat. there’s no way you meant “cucumbers.” if you wanna share your love for bodily substances on facebook feel free, but don’t pretend it was an accident. it’s like the internet equivalent of wearing a short skirt and no panties and “woops i dropped my pencil!” and having to bend over to pick it up. nobody believes you didn’t mean it!

  29. Oh, I think we all know that Selena loooooves cucumbers. Big, long, thick cucumbers.

  30. Hhmmm… Now I’m in the mood for a cucumber burger

  31. Yes, cumburger is way off from “cucumber” …really?

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