Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Win!

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  1. Meh.

  2. I like the first one because the breast cancer awareness statuses are lame as hell and do nothing to increase awareness anyway.

  3. First one gave me a chuckle, the others aren’t that great though. Maybe I just don’t get them :-/

  4. @Douchetastic- I may be wrong here, but I think the original idea was when a girl would comment on the status asking “OMG you like WHAT on the kitchen counter?!” then the poster would send them a message reminding them to get themselves checked for lumps or whatever. Of course, noone actually did that, everyone just liked the idea of looking skanky. But yeah, like I said I may be wrong but I think that’s how it was supposed to raise awareness.

  5. Just dicks.

  6. Meaningless binary and MORE guys wishing they were funny. The purse meme is bullshit, but the first status just reminds me of some shitty Facebook group some guy made around the time women were posting the colour of their bras, and the guy said ‘they pranked us so let’s prank them. Let’s post our favourite place to have sex! And not tell them what it means!’, and some girl posted on it saying ‘…you know I can see this, right?’

    The purse meme is shit enough. Stop trying to make it into some fucking idiotic primary school fight.

  7. Actually halfsquat, it started last year with the stupid shit bra color thing, which ended up offending a lot of breast cancer survivors because when you have a mastectomy, who wants to read about the cute bras “normal” women get to wear? That didn’t work to get people to ask and then remind about self-checks, either.

  8. And yes, I understand the concept of how it was SUPPOSED to raise awareness, I simply said that it didn’t actually do that. ~lol~

  9. I’m fairly sure men think everything is to do with sex anyway =/

  10. BritishHobo… The word meme is shit enough. Stop trying to get upset over some fucking idiotic primary school fight.

  11. #4 is awesome. Surely you get it, halfsquat. Or maybe you have to be a geek to get it *sigh*

  12. PS — BritishHobo, your angry rants are tiresome.

  13. I think it’s about that time where I jump in.

    Did someone just call Hobo a douche?

  14. I have to say that I think it DID raise awareness of breast cancer because everyone who read or wrote one of these now KNOWS that it was about breast cancer (because most people then asked “what?!” and had it explained to them) and probably spent at least 5 seconds then thinking about breast cancer… I mean whether or not people then did lump checks is questionable but it did raise awareness (or at least attention) for a small fragment of time… sure it turned into a contest of who could think of the most sexual place to put your handbag, but that just adds to the effect of people being inquisitive, googling it and then reading about breast cancer = raised awareness right?

  15. PS: I’m not saying it’s the best way to raise awareness or inform people about breast cancer, no way, and I thought it became ridiculous at some point. Just saying it didn’t miss the point entirely.

  16. asriel- Okay so #4 is kinda amusing, just think it’d be funnier if the binary actually meant something. I’m a proper geek, me 😛

  17. The comments section on this site has become the ultimate ironic parody.

  18. Breast Cancer memes fail. I don’t check my breasts regularly (not medically anyway) and these stupid status posts aren’t going to make a difference.
    My ob/gyn admires my honesty when I blatantly tell her I don’t perform monthly breast exams, though. 🙂

  19. asriel, you have two options. Read them, or don’t read them. You find them tiresome, yet you continue to read them. I will continue to write them, it’s up to you whether you continue to read them and bitch.

  20. Douchetastic- I wasn’t aware of the one last year, must have missed it. I was wondering what purses had to do with breasts or breastcancer, I guess I see now why they didn’t do anything to do with bras this time round! I do agree that it didn’t actually raise much awareness, especially as most people putting it as their status didn’t have a clue it was for breastcancer awareness in the end.

    Why are people having a go at BritishHobo? Am I missing something here?

  21. The binary isn’t meaningless, translated it means:

    “Geeky like this?”

  22. I personally conduct weekly breast exams. Just remember ladies, you can never be too careful. I’m like 7-11. I’m not always doing business, but I’m always open. 😉

  23. @starkdesign- Ah shit so it does! I’m a twat, I read it wrong. Cheers for the clearup though 😉

  24. I knew that, I was just testing you guys.

  25. 011010000110000101101100011001100111001101110001011101010110000101110100001000000110100101110011001000000110011001110010011011110110010001101111

  26. fuck!

  27. Yeah I actually don’t get what the frodo thing means? :-/

  28. Die to high levels of boredom, I have nothing witty to contribute so I’ll just wear the Wallace hat:

    Both Daniels fail, one’s acting like a kid, the other doesn’t have a sex life. Tobin is hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce at the first person that’ll imply his statement is racist. Nerds/geeks/dorks scare me, esp after watching that facebook movie. Fernando should rape Daniel 2.

  29. *Due

  30. Raising awareness means education. Getting attention does not raise awareness.

    And I love British Hobo.

  31. @DukeGuy- Haha ok I get it now. Cheers for the link 😉

  32. I was not aware that it was about breasts or breast cancer. I was aware though that several of my female friends had fallen for some sort of stupid chain posting thing (meme I guess it’s called) and really, I didn’t care.
    I think breast cancer awareness would best be made by women showing me your breasts. I’d be even more aware if you rubbed them in my face.

    BTW, I like British hobo and I’m pretty sure that I am Frodo or at the very least a Hobbit of some sort. I do not have a pool.

  33. @SeeBea- I don’t have a pool either. Does that mean I’m not Frodo? I do however have a lovely pair of breasts. I’m not gonna rub them in your face, but they definitely make up for not having a pool 😛

  34. @Douchetastic, I realised that at some point in my ramble-on paragraph… I think it got a lot of people’s attention and then a small fragment (including myself) went and read about breast cancer and got “educated”, so it did raise awareness in my case, though I can only speak for myself… I still think that even if only a fraction of women get educated as a result of something like this, it’s already worth it.

  35. Look the most important thing is that we learn from this and start up a Facebook awareness ‘meme’ about breast that dont have cancer – because personally, I prefer my titties to be lump free and/or not in a surgeons disposal bin.

  36. Why not just get girls to change their status’ to:

    “Go to your doctor and check your breasts for lumps otherwise you will die of cancer and people that love you will cry.”

  37. @halfsquat: Frodo does not have a pool so you may be Frodo and yes having breasts absolutely makes up for any lack of a pool.

    @DukeGuy: ditto

  38. Hobes, Boys rule and girls drool. To infinity +1. No takebacks.

    Incidentally, what’s with the complaining about the comments of late? If you don’t like them, try adding something witty/worthwhile/more your taste to them rather than complaining. If that don’t work, skip ’em.

  39. Llama, what if it turns off more people than it supposedly educates? People are getting really sick of breast cancer being front and center when prostate and other cancers are killing just as many people each year, but don’t get a month for “awareness” and there’s no NFL teams wearing ugly shiny pink shoes to help them out. They don’t get the insurance and public support that breast cancer receives.

    And hey, here’s some education (not directed at Llama but in general): If you decide to donate to a breast cancer awareness organization, choose something other than Susan G Komen. Very little of the donations there actually go to education and research. Better yet, find one of the numerous organizations that help out the various forms of cancer rather than singling one out. Everyone dealing with cancer has a right to an equal opportunity.

  40. Douchetastic, you have a point there, I never considered it going the other way, I guess I just thought that ANYTHING people try to do to raise awareness may somehow help, no matter how annoying or immature it is, and that if it didn’t help it would just not have any effect, but yes I suppose you’re right it could go the other way.

    Greenstrings, I agree, but that probably wouldn’t create as much attention (which we have learned today =/= awareness) as this method which reaches teenagers. I mean, this purse thing made it into the news in some places, but a few people posting what you suggested wouldn’t spread like wildfire the way this did. But then again like Douchetastic pointed out that might backfire… I give up.

  41. SeeBea, sometime last week we covered a number of ways to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer through the showing of naked female bosoms. For example, women could put on titty shows for money and donate the money to cancer research. Or walk around naked with a sign saying ‘Keep these looking this hot! Donate for tit cancer!’ And I think Keona suggested that women should pose topless for the FB icons.

  42. Hmmmm topless Fb profile pics. Now, that would get me…I meant, get my attention of course. And make me aware and may even be educational.

  43. We shouldn’t even need to be donating to cancer research. Cures for cancer have already been found, and yes I say cures plural.

    These cures have only cured cancer in things like rats and stuff, but that’s because they haven’t been given the chance to go further with these cures. The big pharmaceutical companies will not fund the experiments as 1. They are cheap to make so the companies cannot make any money and 2. There is more money in painkillers and other drugs than cures. If you can keep someone going for years on these drugs it’s going to make a lot more money than totally curing it within a year.

    Enjoy the knowledge that the elites are once again shafting every single one of us.

  44. Actually Don, the real problem is the fact that many, many expensive tests have to be done before FDA approval is granted. If it weren’t for that, one wouldn’t need to have lots of funding.
    I’m not saying FDA approval isn’t, in theory, a good idea. I’m just saying people should have the choice of taking non-FDA approved stuff from their doctors as long as they are aware of the risks.

  45. I understand the whole titty joke thing, but really, joking about hot tits when discussing a disease that leaves women disfigured and feeling like they lost their femininity, that’s really childish.

    Thus ends my breast cancer discussions for the month.

  46. Douche, I don’t disagree with you, but I plan to make titty jokes anyway, because I’m that much of a jerk, and people should get a sense of humour if I offend them. Besides, are you really opposed to using cancer as an excuse to get more bare-breasted women around?
    And technically I wasn’t advocating for JOKES about tits, just the public showing of tits.

  47. Am available to remove sticks from arse and sand from vaginas, just puttin’ it out there.

  48. I can consult

  49. That first one is funny because the guy who posted it is a professional comedian. His name’s Daniel Sloss, he’s Scottish and looks like macaulay culkin.

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