Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Wins for your Wednesday

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  1. BLINK…..

  2. If only there was a tiger woods game like that….golf would be a hell of a lot more interesting.

  3. well, eric, at the rate that science is improving, it won’t be long before we have computer braille and the ability to bring people back from the dead. watch out for the killer keller!

  4. Meh, I’m over Tiger.

    Bk makes a very valid point.

    I feel guilty that the last one made me laugh. I think I sealed the deal to the rivers of hell. Oh well, I won’t be alone.

  5. The first one is a bit of a reference to the South Park episode where there actually was a game where you follow the adventures of a cheating Tiger. Worth a watch. Funny stuff.

    Bk is so full of right.

  6. is definitely a good representation of the true nature of the human race.

  7. CommentsAtLarge


    I’ll save you a seat.

  8. if helen keller was mute how could she has a quote

  9. I’m so disappointed. None of these were wins. What the fuck is WRONG with whoever chooses these? It’s all so lame. I mean this IS called Lamebook, but damn. I didn’t think they meant a big book of lameness that’s supposed to pass for “win”.

  10. Iron_E MAD!

    I thought Eric was pretty funny.

  11. Eric is kind of an ass actually.

    Bk is my hero for the day, even if “Bk” stands for Burger King.

  12. Sometimes I wonder how alordslums manages to fit having any kind of life around sitting and waiting for a new lamebook post all day every day to write inane wank and have a power trip about being a regular contributor and therefore a valid person in some regard.

    The wife and decent job must be either very flexible or deeply imaginary.

    But seriously, leave the room once in a while. There’s a whole WORLD out there.

  13. Iron_E quit whining. Often it’s the comments that are much more funny than the actual “Lame.” 😛

  14. Ya seriously I’ve submitted pure gold to lamebook and what do they do? They choose this crap. ::sigh::

  15. yourinevitabledemise

    Ahhhh in my mind, Eric is merely perpetuating the grand tradition of Helen Keller jokes. MY favorite:

    Why did Helen Keller’s dog jump off the roof?

    You would try to kill yourself too if your name was “Nnnnaaaaaaahhhhhnnngg”

    Please use the most guttural, disgusting noise you can for that last bit. It works best.

    Sometimes the most wrong jokes are the funniest jokes, and there’s just nothing we can do about it.

  16. lolwalmart

  17. Such a shame we don’t have WallMart’s here^^

  18. @13 But alord makes this (like alot of other commenters) funny to read. I love the comments, and i’m sure people agree with me.

  19. Well I’m riding the alord train with you, insanity. You’re not the only passenger.

  20. All aboard!!

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    a01chtra please go fuck your asshole with a rusty morningstar you fuckaroon.

    yoink rubbed off on me pretty well. Heheh ‘rubbed off on me’

  22. I”m hopping aboard too.

    Dukey, so vulgar! I like it!

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ee, that’s not the only thing I want you to hop aboard.

  24. MsBuzzkillington

    That People of walmart site is so lame. I try and avoid it, I don’t really want to point and laugh at people for being who they are (as weird/”abnormal as it might be)

    Btw, speaking of that. What is with failblog stealing ideas from other people? First they start (way after this one) and then they create (way after the walmart one)

    Geez. Failblog is lame.

  25. @ yourinevitabledemise, that’s the funniest joke I’ve heard in a long time. I feel completely terrible about laughing but I can’t help myself. baaaaahaaaahaaahaaa… oh may, can’t stop!

    I love reading the comments people write on here. I get more of a laugh from them than I do the Lamebook posts.

  26. @anonIGIG

    ‘……if helen keller was mute how could she has a quote?’

    Of course she could has a quote – even if she was mute. Has you not heard of telepathy?

  27. How do you piss of Helen Keller?

    Leave the plunger in the toilet, also re-arrange the furniture.

    Sorry, I’ll go now..

    There’s one about her reading a stucco wall too but I don’t know it.

  28. *off

  29. @mass I laughed so hard at that joke…which one of us should feel guiltier?

  30. @ underthesea Probably me … it’s actually a pretty old joke. Glad you had a laugh

  31. @13

    don’t spend TOO much time wondering – there is a world out there you know….. i think….

  32. Even though alord called me a retard or something like that, I usually do enjoy their posts.

  33. i’m sure i never called you a retard! 😮

    i probably just called you a legend but you’re dyslexic, or can’t read…?

    no, but seriously, we cool yeah? 😀

  34. yeah, we cool 😉

  35. yourinevitabledemise

    #26 Leebo –

    I’ve known that joke for, ohhh, six or seven years, and I still at least chuckle a bit EVERY time. Depending on my mood, it’s still capable of getting a good deep guffaw. Truly one of the best jokes ever.


  37. I’m 100% with Eric on this one.

  38. Pretty sure Helen Keller didn’t actually say that. says that it was Alexander Graham Bell. I know because I’m a nerd, and that’s one of my favorite quotes.

  39. P.S. Helen Keller jokes are my favorite, too. Window Seat!

  40. I do not believe for one second that Helen Keller was behind that quote. For one, there was the whole ‘mute’ thing. Secondly,I doubt she would mention ‘seeing’ anything in any respect. Focusing on would seem a better choice of words. The only quote I acknowledge as hers is ‘Wa-wa!’.

  41. So many “quotes” get attributed to the wrong people and are, more often than not, completely raped in the process.

    Yeah, she most likely didn’t say it, mime it, or even think it. But fuck me, Helen Keller jokes are funny.

  42. …not to be confused with “butt fuck me.”

    That’s a whole different quote.

  43. @22 Dukey: fuckaroon. Thank you. I now shall begin to integrate that into my vocabulary. Brilliant!

    (“Rubbed off on me.” Heh heh heh.)

  44. Hahahaha Eric. How you make me chuckle.

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