Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short Stories from the South

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  1. mcowles, marry me.

    …not weird.

  2. mcowles is forming a line BritishHobo! Best laugh of my day!

  3. @ Mcowles. Man you crack me up, I was about to spit.

  4. @ dracula: I’m a woman, these “ladies” just make me embarassed to be in the same gender as them.

  5. I liked the last one best, but only because she misspelled a word after being in english class.

  6. mcowles WIN, no need to add anything more. The end.

  7. Okay seriously, these posts along with probably close to every other post on here, are most likely pranks. My friends take people’s cell phones all the time and change their status to something stupid. That or people leave their FB profile logged in and people can mess around with it. The Lamebook posts are still funny but there’s no need for people to get all rude about what people say on their statuses. It’s most likely all just in good fun. 🙂

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