Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morning Quickies

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  1. First

  2. The wedding one was funny, you think Will would have spotted the surname

  3. New Year Baby Daddy

    Setting aside Matthew’s comment, who’d like to explain to Will that the people he is addressing will never be able to read his status update?

  4. Emily – Hoe Foreshore?

  5. Poor Mark.. Or poor Boner… Or is it poor Mark…

    Will your a jerk.

  6. You’re*

  7. RIP boner… he was always getting jerked around.

  8. Mark, he’s not dead, just deflated.

  9. eh, if Will doesn’t disallow strangers from viewing his updates, then it does work. We don’t know the situation though, although it’s kinda likely what you think it should be.

    It would have been better if it was a mother who posted John’s response instead.

    But then Matthew’s had me thinking “uh-huh, and who’s your wife-” and only then noticing the same surname, and XD. But hey, she’s a part of the family already.

  10. oh yeah, my first paragraph in my previous comment was in response to New Year Baby Daddy (#3)

  11. I don’t understand why everyone is so excited about dressing sprinklers up in bikinis. Seems kind of pointless to me. It’ll also greatly decrease the efficiency of the sprinkler system.

  12. i wonder how many ‘likes’ it takes to realize things have gotten creepy… 10? 15? 27?

  13. First 2 are not lame.

    The Boner was either a pet or a friends nickname, and Kenneth was more than likley being ironic.

  14. No, I’m sure Boner was his pet cat. Yeah.

  15. Is Kristin serious? He’s a baby! She’s lucky Tres (is that short for something?) doesn’t wake them up earlier or more frequently.

  16. I lol’d at the poop one; only because I’m a mom and I know you can’t change your baby’s poop schedule. And why is she complaining about her baby sleeping from 9-6? That’s like 9 good hours of sleep. How much was she expecting to get with a baby there?

  17. Lamebook makes me hate the Will’s of the world more and more. No offence to any nice guy out there called Will. Just seems that EVERY person in a Lamebook post called Will has been a total fucker… just like every Will I’ve ever met. Which is one.

    Also, Kristin deserved that answer. You can’t ‘change’ something about your kid… when an adult needs to go, they’ve gotta go, so what hope in hell does she think she has with a baby? Those things are crapping non-stop.

  18. It’s not just Emilys then – all Wills are evil too.

  19. @Tidy: Don’t be a buzzkill! I’d much rather believe that Mark is lamenting the loss of his tumescence due to the return of his ‘hefty’ girlfriend from a week away, rather than contemplate that his best friend Boner has lost a courageous battle against leukaemia. Either way, I think Mark could do with spending some time with Emily and her sprinkler.

  20. Will doesn’t have a pool.

  21. Wasn’t Boner Kirk Cameron’s BFF on Growing Pains? Has anyone bothered to check on his status?

  22. @20: Will is definitely Frodo.

  23. @The Hoff – when I read that I also thought of Boner from Growing Pains.

  24. Is Kristin from the Time Before Nappies?

  25. @ Mercure
    Agreed! It’s a boner, it has to be! So much funnier that way, though I would have appreciated a few friend comments underneath to that effect too.

    Almost makes me want stupid/lame friends… almost 😀

  26. My ex boyfriend’s last name is Bone, all his friends call him Boner. I had to check his Facebook to make sure he didn’t die! All is well.

  27. i hate all lauras. don’t know any wills

  28. @Hoff: Oh God! Your right, someone should get right on that! That was a good reference by the way, I had a late night chuckle out of it.

  29. LOL WHY IS EMILY ON THIS? I go to school with her 🙂

  30. I wonder if the bikini parties are the reason Emily has 1868 friends

  31. hahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahahah what the fuck
    how the fuck do you get access to my status’

  32. bonner is a friend of mine it was his nickname and he passed away

  33. OK, this is really creepy…

    Andrew Koenig, who played “Boner” on “Growing Pains,” has been missing since the 14th – after this was posted.

  34. If I still had my FB, I wouldn’t add my friend’s husband, even though I was at the wedding. The reason? Same as Will’s: don’t know him reasonably well. Will didn’t say he didn’t know who she was, just that he didn’t know her well enough.

    Lame post, and how many times do we have to see the first one, just written by different people?

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