Friday, October 2, 2009

Batter Left Unsaid


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  1. This is more an attempt to be intentionally amusing than it is truly lame.

  2. But why did he have a multiple of small men with pointy ears watching him?

  3. Aaron, therin lies the lameness. That’s my interpretation, anyway.

  4. It takes them nearly 3 months to get out of the toy factory?

  5. Oh, and I think this creep has some sort of fish fetish; 4th reply to his status.

  6. It’s quite impressive though that he can update his status throughout. Assuming that one hand has remained locked in the duel with the Pink Darth Vader throughout, and the other hand was typing the status updates – then I really want to know how he managed to hold down the ‘shift’ key when necessary.

  7. Maybe the elves were pleasing him while he updated his status

  8. “Well? Did he come or what?!?”

  9. And boom goes the dynamite

  10. Damnit. Cleveland beat me to it.

  11. Well I guess Christmas is coming late this year. This only makes me imagine what Santa has got himself into. Alex needs to put Jabba back his hut so that the kids can have Christmas.

  12. @8 Silent Koala

    Seriously, do you really want to know this?

  13. I get the feeling someone commented on his status that the submitter didn’t have access to see (privacy settings). His first comment sounds like it is in response to someone. I’m wondering what it could have been.

  14. And I bet those elves are feeling really let takes Santa all year to come..yet Alex can do it in under 10 minutes..

  15. The more I think about it…I believe he could be referring to Elvis…That would make more sense…I’m probably just slow.

  16. He definitely meant Elvis, which adds to the lameness. When I have a son, I’m going to convince him that little elves live inside his testicles and THEY are what comes out and goes into the woman. That way when he has facebook and is updating his status, he’ll also put “Elves have left the building”, but it will be no typo.

    I’m also going to convince him that you can tell if someone is blind, by checking if they smell like butter.

  17. I think he meant to put Elves based on his choice of verb “have” not “has”.

    Regardless, this is hilarious.

  18. @8 you missed the chance to have your username be Gil Hicks with that message.

  19. wow – 9 minutes….

  20. Pffft, nothing wrong with 9 minutes, if you’re alone. You don’t have to light candles and have foreplay.

    Most porn clips online are between 3 and 5 minutes long for a reason!

  21. Why why why share this?

    Very lame, and quite funny he has time to FB his steady incline to orgasm. That’s the lamest bit. XD

    That or he’s practicing to fake it. XD

  22. If he has elves can we girls have faeries?

  23. I love it how he facebooks this. I hope his parents aren’t his friends on it.

  24. Bahahah, this is hilarious!

  25. im sure all his friends wanted to see this when they logged on

  26. I thought this was a bit naff until i saw his typo ‘batter’..only bit i liked

  27. “A Poem About Wanking. By Purple Andy.”

  28. I assumed his sperm were the elvs, leaving the building of his cock.

  29. I need to meet this guy. Sometimes I like to refer to my noo-noo as a ‘fairy garden’. Al and I are clearly a perfect, mystical, sexual match. Good for us.

    And is batter a typo? I didn’t think it was until I saw Sunflower’s comment. I thought he was referring to his semen. My bro-in-law calls it baby batter. Or population paste. Ew.

  30. Elves have left the building?!?!?! He must get his rocks off while watching Lord of the Rings….sick-o

  31. HILARIOUS. i have a friend just like this, with the same name..

  32. Getting to the elves bit was quite a climax

  33. There are no words for how much I hope his parents saw this.

  34. I’m going to guess Alex is the one who sent this to Lamebook.

  35. two minutes… not a bad record to beat… jackass…

  36. The thing I’m thinking is, it’s all two minutes, right? But if you factor in the time it took him to constantly update his status every ten seconds, Alex probably went from woe to GO in all of 15 seconds. That ain’t right.

  37. @Zordboy
    yeah, or he’s JOKING!!!
    Fucking hell, sometimes I wish there was a lamebook for lamebook.

  38. lol…it took him 1 min

  39. Men like this make me consider lesbianism.

  40. @ 16 I had a mouthful of V when I read your comment and almost snorted it out my nose – so glad no one was around

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