Monday, February 14, 2011

Poor Permanence

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  1. That is a pretty shitty flag tattoo. 🙁 Does anyone else think his spinal column up by his neck looks like his skin is about to split down the middle and an alien is going to come out? Anyone?

  2. Stever would think so.

  3. The flag tattoo looks like a piece of pizza.

  4. Paint_my_nails_please

    One wing protrudes more than the other, do you see that? It appears that he’s assumed a stance to push out and show off the tat (Which I did recognize as a military style folded flag. I don’t see alien arrival any time soon. TatMan shows a classically nice narrowing to the waist so it is really too bad about those arms, uhh, wings.

  5. I’m assuming Brock’s was supposed to be a catfish or something? It really does look like some sort of horrid mutant penis.

  6. looks like baby faces burning in a log fire.

  7. Actually that flag is pretty good. It looks just like what it is supposed to look like.

    Just wondering, why is the northern tip of Africa inside Europe?

  8.’s an older map.

  9. Yeah, it’s a catfish in a log. Guessing ol’ Brock there is a noodler.

  10. No love for Antarctica.

  11. ..on a very nice canvas.

  12. In the first one, he forgot to get Tasmania tattooed below Australia.

  13. In the first one, are those not tits? Has LB turned me gay.

  14. @13 ..yes, those are tits. It’s not a male forearm. You’re not gay.

  15. Oh man! That misshapen male arm is actually a misshapen female torso? Christ! I was wondering why that man appeared to be wearing some sort of really short, puffy sleeves.
    But yeah, now that I have gotten over how much that girl’s entire body looks like an upper arm…what an unfortunate tattoo to get across your entire weird-looking body. She’s going to regret that one a lot in probably 45 minutes.

  16. Shit, I thought that was a male arm, too. I always thought it was a dumb tattoo to get, but I could handle it when I thought it was a small tattoo on a small arm. But knowing it’s a huge-ass tattoo on her whole left rib cage…well just damn.

  17. Veronica’s comment serves as proof that you can get ANYTHING tattooed on your body and people will say “cool tattoo.”

  18. That last one is the second ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen in my life.

  19. Haha! That moron shoulda got her tattoo on her head or better her tatas cuz the torso is pretty much a developable surface like a cilinder and there’s aways gonna be so much distrotion when you tryin to project a oblate ellipsoid on one.

  20. …..say what?

  21. Globe Girl should’ve fucked the tattoo off and just had some milk sacks sewn onto her the skinny little boy boob.

    I’d still spray her down with my messy man emulsion though. I’ve always dreamt of painting the world in my slightly yellowish tones.

  22. Oh god, is that ugly snake tattoo really over his whole back?

  23. ^^^ it’s mean to be a catfish. it’s just not well done so it looks like a bunch of deformed baby heads sewn together with whiskers.

  24. Nope, still looks like a big ugly deformed penis to me.

  25. It took me like five minutes to figure out it was possibly a catfish, and even then I had to check the comments to make sure I wasn’t the only one that thought that. Holy shit, I thought my prison tattoo was bad…

  26. I want to be Veronica’s best friend.

  27. #3 I definitely thought the flag was a piece of pizza, too.

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