Monday, February 14, 2011

“Happy” Valentine’s Day

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  1. Go see a gynae, Kelly, that not normal! I also hope that your boyfriend dumps your entitled ass.

  2. It’s normal if she’s on birth control that suppresses periods except for one a year.

  3. Paint_my_nails_please

    Saffer, it is not “entitled” to expect to be shown love and affection every day of the year. Unless she does not provide that in return and then yeah, entitled.

  4. Her period comes as often as I do. Five times a year.


    If LAMEBOOK is about to fight a battle against Facebook for use of their name (partially), who do you think will win?

    Who has the most $$$??

    Lamebook, are you screwing your own readers???

  6. Tyler’s planning ahead, way to show initiative.

  7. breakingconformity

    @#4: Haha! Nice one.

    But seriously, even if she’s on birth control, she should still have more than five period days a year…

  8. Maybe she’s young? For my first three menstrual years I only got it once a year. 15 years later it’s just now getting down to about every 6 weeks.

    I know y’all wanted to know all that about me…

  9. Or maybe she’s just stupid.

  10. There are some forms of birth control that cause you to only have one or two periods a year, so it makes sense.
    5, just stop.

  11. It’d be freaking awesome to only get a period 5 days a year. We need the period, though. It’s bloody uncomfortable, yes, but oh so reassuring.

  12. Should I be worried that I’m female and I’m learning a lot about the female body from lamebook? yes, no, yes??

    Either the girls on here are “different” (and voice it), or I’ve obliviously managed to dodge some unfortunate experiences. *knock on wood*

  13. If I was pork prodding a ‘Queen’ like Kelly, she’d be fucking bleeding more than five times a year, trust me.

    On a lighter note, I don’t mind popping my truncheon into a ladys’ blood bath, it’s like giving the fella a scarlet Jacuzzi…. Red beard can be a bit annoying though.

  14. Hmm anyone care to explain these forms of birth control where you only have one or two periods a year? Where can I get it?

  15. For anyone who is curious – I am taking Lybrel, a birth control where you do not get your period EVER. Forget these three-times-a-year b.s. birth control like Seasonique (which gave me instense migraines by the way). Just take Lybrel and you don’t get it at all. It’s totally safe.

  16. I’m taking it too, it doesn’t work.

  17. Love the first status. That’s how I prepare for Valentine’s every year! 😀

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