Monday, November 29, 2010

The Right Response

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Who buys a second-hand *ick* can’t even finish that sentence.

  3. I’d go for third hand if need be.

  4. Gobble Goebbels!

  5. Nicholas, actually funny – well done my son.

  6. I am not disappoint.

  7. The Butterball Turkey Talk-line does not recommend baking your turkey to ash.

  8. I did nazi that coming.

  9. how many Israelis can you fit in a ’68 beetle?

  10. I do not know, gravyboatbogart. How many Israelis CAN you fit in a ’68 beetle?

  11. 2 in the front, 3 in the back, 95 in the ash trays.

  12. Oh, I did definitely Nazi that coming. I don’t like these jokes, Anne Frankly, I won’t stand for it. You’re going to hail.

  13. Going to heil, indeed? I bet you still tie your shoes with little nazis.

  14. These puns can’t possibly go any führer.

  15. Knock that sh*t off, it’s Kristallnacht funny at all.

  16. I didn’t think anything could get lamer than this post itself ..until I saw the comments…

  17. Would you gestappo with the puns? I’m trying to concentrate. Camp you see that?
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sleep in mein kampfy bed.

  18. Poor Katie did ‘nazi’ that coming either. I am guessing Katie doesn’t see much coming at all.

  19. weird I can’t link to another site?[slash]funny_pictures[slash]580614[slash]Nazi+Puns[slash]

    most of these comment puns are unoriginal.

  20. Most of us don’t care.

  21. omg. I didn’t think it was possible but that makes it EVEN LAMER.

  22. Love ’em. @anorexicpanda and throwingtofu, you win.

  23. Fed up of the Nazi puns, it’s becoming a bore man.

  24. Nazi puns, fuck off.

  25. yes fuck off !! Heil Hitler.

  26. There’s a part of me that wants to be a good sport about Jew jokes and not take life too seriously, but then there’s the part of me that remembers all my relatives who died in the camps and is kind of stunned that people (even people who don’t think of themselves as racist) are laughing about that and keeping the racism in our culture alive. Soooo…yeah.

  27. @dogfish

    Jokes about the Holocaust may be in bad taste but they are not racist. I’m wondering if you actually know what racism is?

  28. Um A. the Holocaust was an extermination of a particular community with the end result being “racial purity” … so yeah.. jokes about the Holocaust are race related/motivated.
    and B. I’m glad you all jumped on the opportunity to use all the stupid nazi puns we’ve all already read on this site a thousand times.

  29. Are jews a race? I thought it was a religion.

  30. Not gonna lie, I’m Jewish and I find quite a few holocaust jokes quite funny, the ones here aren’t offensive at all!

  31. good for you!

  32. @toph: Are you sure YOU know what racism is? It’s pretty well-accepted in critical race theory that jokes that make light of things like genocides, or that poke fun at a particular racial or ethnic stereotype are in fact part of a larger problem of ‘subtle racism’ that feeds the undercurrents of racist behaviour in North American society. Jews are sometimes described as a race, sometimes as an ethnic group, sometimes as a religion, and sometimes as any combination of the three.

  33. @dogfish: Saying that something is generally accepted as true by adherents to critical race theory is like saying that something regarding economics is generally accepted as true by adherents to the Austrian School. It’s not really a mainstream or critically accepted viewpoint that you’re using to bash someone with, so you should probably come with a little less condescension.

    I don’t disagree that Jews are or can be considered a race or that holocaust jokes can indicate an undercurrent of racism, although I don’t think that is always the case.

  34. Here’s a joke: When’s the best time to rape a Jew?

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