Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Saw the Sign

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    Black people don’t say cheers…….I bet they have crack.

  2. You do know that black people exist outside of the US right? because I doubt black people in England speak like black people in the US… white people don’t really say “cheers” either, its british people that say it, of all colors

  3. Agreed that British people say cheers but we don’t say candy and if we didn’t we would most like be mocked. Nothing wrong with saying candy but because we normally say sweets or chocolate it sounds wrong.

  4. *likely

  5. The whole Halloween as a major festival (and money-spinner for corporations) thing is pretty much an American import anyway. As such, I reckon they are British and are saying candy because of the connotations of getting candy at Halloween.

    I think Aussies say cheers also. And Welsh people definitely do. The (boring) plot thickens.

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    People who are of black color are called Africans outside of the US.

  7. “People who are of black color are called Africans outside of the US.”


  8. No a black person in Europe wouldn’t say they were African unless they were from Africa. Especially if they were Caribbean, for example. Skin colour differs from ethnicity. Or bollocks as the person above me said.

  9. slicingupeyeballs

    I say cheers, call them lollies and I don’t call them black people.

    Nothing wrong with the traditional Sambo or Golliwog label is there..?

  10. Perhaps they are Canadian. Canada is a magical fairy land where people say cheers, eat candy, and know black people.

  11. vaginalroundhouse

    I think we can all agree that black people love fried chicken.

  12. Fried candy… cheers!

  13. ‘I’m black in a recession, meaning it is easier for me to find a job than my white male neighbours thanks to affirmative action! But still, no candy for you!’

  14. Hm. I thought they put “black” when they meant to write “BACK” in a recession… These were all pretty bland… but that explains why they’re HERE!

  15. I call bullshit. somethings fishy, the correct spelling – even down to using apostrophes, also, how’s a blaek not affording candy have writing implements just laying around?

  16. ^^^^^oh the irony kills me…(blaek)

  17. Aussies do say cheers but it’s not an Aussie cos we don’t have a recession down here and in any case the blacks down here would never leave candy for anyone they’re too busy getting pissed.

  18. The spurious link between a shopgirl’s typographical error and racist jokes – which weren’t even funny, you fuckers – needs further examination.
    you sorry pack of doozers.

  19. The recession one angers me. What a piss poor excuse. Just keep the light off outside and not answer the door.

  20. I may just be a dumbass, but what’s so funny about the sign for the competition?

  21. @ijkl0marissa the sign says “wet ink” but the ink mark looks like a P, changing the sign to “wet pink”, and if you still don’t get it, I’m of no use to you.

  22. 1st one is funny

  23. Aside from the whole black-cheers-candy debate, seriously… you can’t afford a $5 bag of candy? We’re all in a recession! Also, good job feeding your black stereotype.

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