Tuesday, March 8, 2011


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  1. Both letters were fucking retarded. So was the detention notice. Would a teacher really write the actual words?

  2. cumdumpster2011

    @ scottydug its called lame book for a reason dumb-ass.

  3. *it’s

    With a name like yours, you’ll go far on here.

  4. I liked the response. It was the perfect amount of crazy – not enough that they’d call the police, but enough that they will no longer leave passive aggressive notes.

  5. Ahh cumdumpster, the happy bi-little product of careless inbreeding. Thanks for the memories.

  6. *little bi-product. I hate it when that happens.

  7. maybe the writer of the passive aggressive note doesn’t use english as a first language? I mean..my neighbors have their dogs out on the porch all the fricken time, and the only time it drives me crazy is when the dogs bark for hours on end at one in the morning. or when it’s severely cold out-then I feel bad for them. Poor lil puppies. I’ve never left a note though…I’m more the aggressive. It’s more a face to face “Excuse me, my kid is sleeping..wanna take your fucking dogs inside?”

  8. Ah gone are the days where you used to get detention for smoking in the loos, or wearing your skirt too high.

  9. The people replying to that letter sound like idiots. But in fairness, what’s wrong with the dogs being on the patio? Or am I missing something?

  10. Well it looks like there’s a word missing. I imagine it says “your 2 dogs constantly shit on the patio”, in which case, the guy who replied is a dick. You have a dog, you clean up after it. Arsehole.

  11. cumdumpster2011

    you seem to know a lot about inbreeding scotty, let me guess, mommy and daddy were really brother and sister ? or are you still wondering why you have 7 toes on one foot and 3 toes on the other ? do the kids on the short bus make fun you ? do tell please.

  12. Yeah, I wonder if there’s a word missing too because that first note doesn’t make sense to me. The people who wrote the response sound like idiots and have the handwriting of children. Why would they be proud of that completely non-clever response?

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “you two dogs are constantly fucking in the back patio”?

  14. I imagine it says “your 2 dogs constantly (fuck) on the back patio.” Maybe they feel the dogs are having too much fun. And you shouldn’t watch your neighbor’s dogs fuck. It’s just rude.

  15. I cannot stop laughing about the response. That’s hilarious. I can just picture the old lady who probably wrote the first one… batshit crazy, nosy old hag. The random weirdness of the response was just perfect. Funniest thing I’ve seen on LB in a long time.

  16. Yes, teachers really write the words lol.

  17. Teachers would really write the words, buuuut it’s amazingly easy to get your hands on detention slips. Probably easier then actually getting detention.

  18. breakingconformity

    The only part that made me laugh was “Come over next week. I made cookies.”

  19. The teachers at the HS that I went to didn’t always write out the derogatory terms all the time, sometimes they would put “f-ng” or “s–t” or something, but some of the less stuck- up teachers would just write the cuss words anyway, more to embarrass the student AND his/her parents.

  20. The second one belongs on passiveaggressive.com

  21. The response was golden. Probably a dick move not picking up after the dogs but the letter more then makes up for it.

  22. “vaginal”, etc.

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