Monday, November 29, 2010

Love Me Do

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  1. Silly me, i always thought Here comes the sun is Monkees’ song 🙁

  2. Whoa there S, you’ve been thinking about this for a while haven’t you?

  3. #1, I am disappoint.

  4. #3 You are disappoint? that’s is quite the job description.

  5. I am way more disappoint in S.

  6. Know your meme, dude.

  7. tip of my tongue? what the hell is that?

  8. I’ve got Norwegian Wood after reading that.

    Samyikin: It’s not strictly a Beatles song, but it’s related:

  9. Ahh… interesting, I thought i knew most of the beatles’ unreleased tracks.

  10. @ Snip: Norwegian Wood / This Bird Has Blown, indeed.

    How about He Came Into Her Back Door Window?

  11. You’re Only Sleeping, but I’ll Get You Here, There and Everywhere.

  12. Junk.

  13. The Continuing Story of Bunghole-o Bill

  14. Eleanor Rigby bends over to pick up rice with the priest.

  15. No exception. There’s never an exception.

  16. Please Please Me
    Ticket to Ride
    Got to Get You into my Wife
    Twist and Shout (S&M flick)

  17. I’m pretty sure “S” just proved that she can look up Beatles songs.. and not even do the best job of that.. there are so many better songs out there that can be defiled!

    Btw I totally thought G’s teacher was going to discover that THIS is what he was doing during class time and make some sort of comment. THAT would have been awesome!

  18. Judging by the colours in their blurred out profile pictures and their inability to produce anything clever, I’m guessing they are all PowerRangers.
    What a disappoint.

  19. @ hpcan


  20. @ wiffles – poking fun at comment #3

  21. @ wiffles – disappointment*

  22. oh, wiffles.. correcting a comment that was made as a joke, and then spelling your correction wrong…

  23. Silly wiffles, corrections are people who fucking know memes and get jokes.

  24. Fucking me a man, are for***

  25. I was more than likely named after a Beatles song, so the porn titles are somewhat trite compared to the image of my parents fornicating in a chemically induced haze.

    Love, as always
    Yellow Submarine

  26. Lmao @ Yellow Submarine 😉

  27. I don’t listen to the Beatles…maybe one or two songs. So, this humor flies over my head. But I’m sure it’s funny.

  28. I was named after Eleanor Rigby:)

  29. Ahem. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the best, most clever Beatles song I could think of that would also make a lovely porno film title, Norwegian Wood!

  30. There used to be a massage parlour local to me called Norwegian Wood…

  31. when I say massage parlour, i mean knocking shop

  32. What’s the song about having sex with Paul’s corpse?

  33. … Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

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