Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drew Toothpaste

Excellent troll work. More here!

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  1. sold.
    I’m off to read the shit out of this guy’s stuff.

  2. Drew would be funnier if he was funny.

  3. Sold here too, only wish there was more on his site.

  4. he’s pretty funny looking, so will that suffice, scottydug, you needy little oik?

  5. Ah lamebook , now you get the idea.

  6. I suppose that’ll have to do MsAT as the calibre of his comedy falls woefully short of satisfying me.

  7. *le sigh*

  8. I can’t find his posts anywhere on Facebook. Probably not real.

  9. Look harder. Or, ya know, go to the site located on each post. maybe you didn’t see it. but you should.

  10. Hm. Not too funny really. Bet it’s time consuming to stalk all of FB looking for things to write comments on.

  11. Definitely not his best work. But his rendition of “Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas” is pretty solid.

  12. Thought I recognised the name, it’s Natalie Dee’s husband I think. There’s some interesting stuff on there. Be funnier if it were true

  13. Hmm… Not funny at all, I think.

  14. His website is much funnier than this stuff.

  15. When will self submitters figure out that the only person who thinks you are funny is you!

  16. I thought this was pretty funny. The best one is the one from PF Changs.

  17. He’s the dude that does Married to the Sea – great webcomic. Not such a fan of his other stuff, though these are an okay read when there’s not much else. Married to the Sea is ace, though, and updates daily. “Oh yeah. This is definitely a baby.”

  18. MsBuzzkillington

    I am not really a fan of people trolling statuses or whatever and making jokes to try and be funny. I am disappointed in people who seem to find this guy so clever and witty.

  19. ^ *Disappointed people hang their head in shame* – cos of YOU!

  20. Lamebook, you motherfucking sellouts! I know who should be hanging their heads in shame here!!

    Fuck you. Just fuck you.

  21. I am not really a fan of people who try to bleed out the last humour in an already largely humourless situation.
    I am disappointed in people who seem to find “making jokes to try to be funny” disappointing.

  22. Wow. I never realized how unfunny Drew Toothpaste is until I saw him screencap his own jokes two seconds after he posted them and then collect them all in one place.

  23. My baby brother could do better. He is two.

  24. I found new stuff. so I’m happy.

  25. So lame, so fake.

  26. ^you forgot;- self-submit! homophobic! racist! repost!

  27. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Toothpaste For Dinner is quite funny, but his wife Natalie Dee is funnier.

  28. Someone’s clearly trying too hard…

  29. Not funny at all! And I agree with gobbo, he’s trying too hard!

  30. damn. i guess he wishes he was as funny as you. i sure do. you’re a fucking crack-up.

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