Monday, September 6, 2010

Stupid is…

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  1. Ben got Ben’ed?

  2. Spick? LOL

  3. Is Spick a racist word? I’m out of touch here in ye olde Englande.

  4. Wessel – The word given to define a person who considers himself to know everything there is to know – depsite the fact that he knows nothing! Everyone else around them knows this … and he seems oblivious to the fact!

    Sounds like Nuclear Wessel could be a stupid superhero…

  5. By the photo taken, Nore is simply prey for horny men. Stupid as fuck, and looks like a great piece of ‘fuck’ meat.

  6. I was about to ask “What is wrong the the SINGEL one?” But then I got it as soon as I typed SINGEL. I assumed it was some combination of Sin and Angel.

  7. Nore is orange. Norange.

  8. 2nd picture

    could be swedish or danish or norwegian, and it means exactly the same thing.

  9. only thing stupid with the 2nd picture is that she has a word on her head…

    nothing wrong with it’s spelling, it’s just not English.

  10. I’m with larspaul and rodsikth on this one. Her name is a big hint…

    kal, you’re frodo.

  11. Indeed, kal. Blurred eyes or not, definitely a great piece of “fuck’ meat, as you say… lol.

  12. Are we not blurring out names anymore?

    I’m sure Jesse appreciates that.

  13. @BritishHobo

    1. Find a Spaniard.
    2. Call Them a spic.
    4. Profit!!!

  14. definitely a Scandinavian name and definitely scandinavian spelling of single.
    people are idiots.

  15. She’s from Macedonia. And unsurprisingly, she’s a fan of “SEX, RAP, MONEY!!!”

  16. sin + gel = gel used when you commit a sin, such as fornication? I dunno, beats the fuck out of me.

  17. For kal and pal Dragnorok – Being a couple of used douchebags isn’t enough? Did you really need to throw in a big-ass side of stupid with it? Please, for the sake of everyone, have a nice big steaming cup of STFU and go back to your favorite porn site before your parents get home.

  18. Sounds like a nerve was struck.

  19. Methinks she’s one of the girls in the picture.

    And I don’t have a favorite porn site.

    I like them all.

  20. #2

    I am Danish and we spell single the same way you do, as it is a borrowed word. It’s the same for Sweden and Norway.

  21. Oh yeah, and that name is not Scandinavian.

  22. She’s from Macedonia. And nope, she still spelled it wrong.

  23. Last one is funny

  24. noticing the umlaut above the O in the person’s name leads me to believe they’re norwegian. the norwegian word for SINGLE is spelled SINGEL. cut the girl some slack, or at least do the research before embarrassing someone.

  25. @Greenstrings

    Who uses this “spick” term? I’m a Spaniard, I’ve been posting in American forums for over 10 years (learned English in the process) and I have never heard about this one before.
    Are you sure it’s actually a word for Spaniards and not for latinos?

  26. I didn’t even notice “singel” on #2’s forehead at first. I thought she was posted for looking like a fucking Oompa Loompa.

  27. @vabadus

    I believe “spick” is a term that is used as a slur against anyone of Spanish origin, both Spaniards and Latinos. As (admittedly weak) proof, I’m going to cite The Princess Bride (the book) in which a character from Spain is referred to as a “spick.” (Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to type it without the quote marks. 😉

  28. I have never heard about it until now…and I have been adressed by quite rude remarks in the past, but never “spick”.

    But well, I suppose Iñigo Montoya and I will have to live through it.

  29. vabdus, you’re a spick.

    greenstrings, done as you said. I’m awaiting the results as we speak.

  30. vabadus. damn it. Now I look like a dick.

  31. It’s “spic” (not spick), and it’s short for “Hispanic”. Used mainly for Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. I have never heard a Spaniard or Mexican, or any other South American called a spic. I’m guessing that because the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans tend to speak really fast and cut words short that that is how Hispanic was shortened in such a way. How they got labeled “Hispanic” is what really puzzles me.

  32. In ‘The Boondock Saints’ Rocco uses the term to refer to Mexicans. I believe it is a derogatory term for any hispanic including Mexicans. Not for Spanish though.
    Oh, ‘hispanic’ has a pretty logical etymology I think, but I am not sure of what it is exactly.

  33. @BritishHobo

    Do you look circumsized?

    It’s not only Puertorricans that speak fast. Spanish language allows lots of shortcuts on words, both in grammar (indirect/direct “complements”) and speech.
    As an example :

    Formal : “¿Dónde está usted?” (“Where are you?”).
    Normal : “¿Dónde estás?”.
    Fast : “¿Ndestás?”.

    As for grammar :

    Normal : “Dale eso a él”. (“Give it to him”).
    With complement : “Dáselo”. (Requires context).

  34. I’m just waiting for BritishHobo’s answer….

  35. Im from Norway and know the girl in the picture! nothing wrong about the spelling in the picture because thats how we spell it in Norway, so the jokes on whoever posted it! and for the record, her name is not Nore.

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