Thursday, March 7, 2013

Please don’t reproduce…

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  1. translation:

    “Why do we have to go to school? Because if you think about it, we really just need to know how to fuck bitches, because god put humans here to reproduce and unfortunately for all of you, he gave a stupid dipshit like me the ability to do so.”

  2. I have a headache

  3. Stupid horrible little cunts. Fuck off and die.

  4. How much you wanna bet this kid has a neck tatoo, or at least will have one soon.

  5. This is why we shouldn’t teach creationism in school.

  6. This lid wouldn’t know intelligence if it sat on his lap and called him papa!

  7. Kid***

  8. By all means, keep getting more bitches pregnant so we can all pay for your family’s food stamps.

  9. I like how he mashed up evolution theory and fundamentalist rhetoric.

  10. $100.00 says this dude was fraped by his girlfriend because he’s a cheating whore.

    What’s $100.00 worth nowadays? ₤3.78 in England, right?

  11. .. Last time I checked, the point of evolution was to create as large a number of healthy & strong offspring as can be supported. Not misfits.

  12. Nope, it’s just to produce children who will last long enough to produce their own children etc. If misfits are reproducing, then they’re doing it right.

  13. £3.78? No Beatus, it’s £66.46. :/

  14. I mean think about it. How can the cops be proactive if they are not allowed to shoot dipwads like this, on sight?

  15. Actually, Elsior, $100,000 is technically worthless in England as we use a different currency. However, had he asked what the current exchange rate was, then you could say $100,000 is the equivalent to £66,379.02.
    And this is how it feels to be a whiny little bitch – time to go correct come grammar. HOORAAAA

  16. ^Best place to start is always at home… **some.

  17. ^It’s really not that hard to convert currency these days crusty. If you came to Oz with 100USD I’d give you a few AUD for it.

  18. If I left the wondrous U.K. to come and join my law breaking cousins in the mighty Oz then I’d obviously have given my head a well needed shake, packed up and fucked off with plenty of the appropriate Ozzy money in tow.

  19. And we would welcome you with open arms and reserve you a place on Manus Island.

  20. It pains me to think anyone took my previous comment seriously. Oh, well.

    is there a special place Down Under reserved for me, Frankie?

  21. I think I’ve already made that very clear, beatus.

  22. I’ve just looked up Manus island, looks like a pretty sweet place to live. Warm. Beaches. Plenty of natives to fuck up/fuck me up. Whoever is stronger really, probably them. Keep your fuckin Island ya cock.

  23. Indeed, you have. I like writing double entendres, though.

  24. I call fake. Those grammatical errors were methodically placed.

  25. Definitely fake. No one that stupid could maintain that logical progression of thought.

  26. ^How exactly was that logical?

  27. beatus, really? I hadn’t noticed. 🙂

  28. #26 The whole thing is coherent no one that stupid can maintain coherency like that. There would be little non-sequitors throughout.

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