Monday, September 6, 2010

These are the Breaks

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  1. Is it Phil or Phil’s partner that wouldn’t do anal? Actually, I don’t care.

    The dead thing is a bit harsh…

  2. Oh, and I think there should be a law – if you can’t spell it or use it in a gramatically correct sentence, you can’t do it.

  3. oh shit – *grammatically
    Sorry for the triple post – my net is screwy.

  4. The guy probably pretended he was dying because he didn’t want to be caught dead with a girl named, “Chynna”.
    Hell, if that’s what her “man” is caught walking with, I can only imagine what Chynna looks like.

  5. Calling the last one as fake. Well, not fake, but a joke between a few people.

  6. Phil, nobody likes a prude. Maybe you should try it some time.

  7. So is Alex a dude and Aaron is bi? Or is Alex a girl? These are the kinds of questions that will haunt us all…

  8. Alex seems to be a guy. I don’t know of any females who openly use the term “secks”

  9. I don’t know of any girls named Alex. Alexis yes, but not Alex.

  10. dirtylittlepretty

    Alex can be a girls name….the D.A. on Law & Order SVU was a woman named Alex.
    just sayin’

  11. Well, if Alex was a guy, it would explain the ‘it’s complicated’…

    Alex as a girl is usually short for something, like in SVU it was short for Alexandra. But this does not help.

  12. This whole Aaron/Alex/Courtney post is boggling the hell out of my mind. First I thought by default that Alex was a girl, short for Alexandra or Alexis, then I noticed that he/she said seckz, which is totally not a common word for a female.

    Which brings us to Courtney talking about child support. Courtney can ALSO be a guy’s name. The first two Courtneys I ever met in my life were both guys, and I spent my whole school life believing it was a guy’s name until I met a girl in high school named Courtney as well.

    So here I sit, wondering what on earth this whole post is about. Is Alex a girl? Is Courtney a girl? Are they all guys? I’m so confused!!!

  13. What exactly is Chynna’s reason for posting that photo?

  14. He has a “surrogate”?

  15. Alex is usually short for Alexander or Alexandra (or alexis or alexandria less commonly), although it can be just “alex” but that is more uncommon..
    And it is just as likely a girls name as a boys name
    Oh, and I say secks , but only as a joke.
    Which leads me to think that it is a complete joke between friends.

  16. And dukey, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe to warn off any future suitors that they will end up faking their death if they attempt to date her?

  17. Aaron + Courtney =it’s complicated – Courtney + Alex = secks.

  18. so…. if A = Aaron and B = Alex and C= Courtney… the mathmatical equation is

    (A+C)A+B = A-C = complicated secks? (C is squared because of a baby)

  19. Kal, my name is Chynna, and I’m actually pretty proud of it. It’s unique and I’ve only met one other girl in my life with the same name. I’m not saying all women named Chynna are gorgeous (I’m named after the Phillips one, yes, with the bowlcut in the “Hold On” video) and I’m not about to get into a troll fight where I boast that I’m model-gorgeous and you are positive that I’m actually 4’7″ and 300 pounds (and probably a dude). I’m just saying, my name is Chynna and I’ve never had anyone pretend to die just because my name isn’t common or, you know, the first part of Superman’s real name.

  20. That’s harsh, he pretended to have cancer and die! Was she that bad? he better have health insurance and a funeral plan, Karma’s a bitch!

  21. I think it’ll be REAL funny when he does get terminal cancer!

  22. I think Chynna just thinks all black men look alike.

  23. I think Chynna is a moron.

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