Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanks, Bing!

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  1. Slurp that pepperment mocha cum right up ye filthy nip!

  2. peppermint* for you land lubbers!

  3. Ok, it’s possible I interpreted this wrong, and maybe it’s not peppermint cum flavored mocha. Instead maybe that yella bellied gaijin lover is actually sucking white boy cock for her coffee. It actually makes a little more sense this way. She gets bonus points for getting almost free coffee, and coming up with a tasty way to wash it down. Because everyone knows cum tastes better when it’s candy cane flavour!

  4. It’s abundantly clear, that in this Captains absence, that lamebook has been overrun buy a bunch of overly politically correct nancy-boys.

    Furthermore, while I have nothing against cats, I feel rather obligated to inform you motherfuckers that this is NOT Reddit, and if for some reason you feel that the two are connected in the most remote of ways, and somehow you found yourself lurking lamebook’s comment section thinking your votes make even the slightest of difference, and find something neither humourous, or even distasteful (knowing it’s reputation, what were you hoping to find, anyways?).

    At least comment, and stand up for your flawed pussy ass morals your failed parents raised you to believe in. You fucks are just compounding the issues at hand and letting the forums “die out”. What issues you say? Lack of community..Without good a few birds and a couple good fellas that actually have something to say around here (even if it make no sense, ex:screaming you name and pretending to be the terminator), Lamebook will die…not to say, that it already hasn’t.

    You can click like/dislike to your hearts fucking content but that’s about as useful as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. The whole lot of you pansy ass internet warriors need to fucking man up and post something in retaliation, even if you’re going to get mocked, called a fatty, cunt, or a useless troglodyte nibbling twat, and if your skins that thin, you can just fuck of anyway, because you are, infact, the fat troggy we assumed to begin with…fag….

    Otherwise, you silly motherfuckers might as well pull that fat ass lip of your over your head and swallow, because, apparently, that’s about all it’s good for..fucking wankers!

  5. Cats?

  6. I think she was Chinese, not Japanese.

    Still, these slant-eyed, flat-faces all look the same anyway, innit.

  7. I know, kinds seemed a lil’ random eh, Beatus? It was a vague reference to Reddit’s love for teh little furballs. I just wanted to mention that I wasn’t insulting them for that, rather the redditors that sneak over/lurk into lamebook territory that think their up/down voting actually makes a difference here…I actually consider a thumbs down from the lone stragglers that wiggle on in around here a compliment of sorts…To me, it means I’m doing something right…lol…It just seems that lately some people seem to be confusing the two websites, and it’s a crying fucking shame. The posts around here seem to be getting far and few inbetween…it’s mildly disappointing, really. That’s all. On another note, Hugh, not trying to sound so nippy, but, Miyu, is a common name for young japanese females, well, at least according to google.

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