Thursday, October 15, 2009

Star Dorks

Star Dorks

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  1. I couldn’t read all of that, it was too lame for me :p

  2. That was AWESOME!! You people are retarded!

  3. Oh, sweet mother. . .

    Now find me one for Star Trek. ;D

  4. this is epic. i need to find these guys.

  5. I’m fairly certain these guys have never had even one tiny bit of sex.

  6. This is hilarious!! Come on, they’re funny! And Yasmin’s getting no credit! But yeah, Patrick was inspired! I found them on facebook! Hahahahaha! Easy enough to find.

  7. All of this… So damn funny.
    I don’t understand why people don’t see the humour in this.
    And Yasmine and Patrick, that was brilliant.

  8. this is lovable and fun. they are not hurting anyone or swearing at each other. WIsh I had fun friends like this… just have fun and not care what the world thinks of u :o)

  9. Koroko and Walker will never, ever get laid. Sorry guys.

  10. #109 — actually, there are many girls who like star wars too, so the COULD get laid…

    I loved Patrick’s comment hahaha

  11. that was fun =) and patrick is like the comedian Hollywood never had <3

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