Thursday, October 15, 2009

Andrea Sucks


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  1. So Andrea… I hear you’re single now.

  2. Andrea is one classy lady

  3. practice makes perfect.

  4. stephen is an ass. a clever one.

  5. Not her job any longer I wager!

  6. I hate to see young couples fighting.

  7. .. YOU’RE the only one in the relationship that has done that. NOT YOUR.

  8. Yes, we know there are spelling and/or grammatical errors in these postings.

  9. So… Andrea had all the ice lollies to herself? Is that why they split up? Aww, that makes me sad.

  10. silly G. everyone knows “suck IT” refers to penis, not popsicles.

  11. Andrea and Stephen are clearly not mature enough to be entering sexual relationships just yet.

  12. Stephen is my hero and I think the only reason Andrea is upset with their break up is because he broke up with her since she wouldn’t get back in the kitchen.

  13. I suck it for spare change.

  14. I enjoy people who take my name, make newfag comments, and expect lulz. Your argument is invalid.

  15. Im invalid, no one knows who my father is because my mother was fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job.

  16. Dude, you’re not funny. It’s pretty obvious.

  17. Not as funny as me when I had a dream where I was eating chocolate pudding and then woke up with a spoon up my ass.

  18. If it was her job, he must have been paying her. How much does that sort of thing cost these days? I need to know.

    Er… for my friend.

  19. I leave the dumbest comments sometimes.

  20. Lol, and it took you 10 minutes to realise this Boz?

  21. @txikiwi

    @19 isn’t me. I would never express a plural in terms of a superlative adjective.

  22. Its ok, sometimes I fist myself while listening to Clay Aiken

  23. Kay, newfag troll. You’ve been caught.

  24. always nice to meet someone who truly understands what i am trying to do with my art!

    everybody, go buy my albums and hand fuck your holes like never before, and you will start to understand what i’ve been trying to say all these years

  25. Not lame. Not funny, either.


  26. this isn’t really lame just sad

  27. I wish someone would come and shove a 3 liter of Coke into my ass and watch it fall out!

  28. Burn.

  29. @18
    apparently spare change is enough at Carrie’s rates if your still wants to know.
    Fake guy is quite funny.

  30. Lmaoo i love my friend for publishing this. And i was joking by the way and we definitely didnt break up 🙂 But hey it made for a great lamebook post


  32. Andrea, blow me!
    Suck my big Japanese cock!
    I know you like it.

  33. “suck my big Japanese cock”
    isn’t that an oxymoron?

  34. Maybe he’s just big compared to other Japanese?

  35. Maybe he had a black implant….

  36. ^ Okay, I’ll pay that one… hilarious.

  37. One status, one reply, no flame war. Bo-ring.

    Sorry Andrea but it aint a great lamebook post…I’ve mashed the keyboard with my forehead and come up with funnier stuff.

  38. stephen fails at clever

  39. This sucks.

  40. User comments make it worthwhile

  41. omg ! jj’s comment scared me , my new bf is japanese ..we didn’t had sex yet -_-

  42. ‘we didn’t had sex yet’ DIDN’T HAD???? Honey, go take an English class! It should be ‘we haven’t had sex yet’

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