Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Underneath it All

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  1. Not to stereotype here, but stealing ladies’ underwear is not typical behavior for homosexual men.

  2. Or, I mean, for people who are attracted to men.

  3. Lucy will be dropping the soap quite a bit in prison.

  4. being transsexual =/= being homosexual

  5. trannies definitely == homosexual because you’re a guy sucking cock.. unless you’re a tranny that likes cooch, then you’re just a lesbian cause you’re a chick eating muff. either way, you’re a total fucking homo dude.

  6. lolz, i like your style!

  7. While this is a lame story for the Mr -Blank- involved, I cannot comprehend why it’s on Lamebook. Lamebook is for lame things people do using Facebook–status updates with TMI, mistaking wall posts for PMs, hilariously inappropriate/naive photos, et cetera.
    This fellow posting the story in his pictures is not actually LAME; sure, it may be a little weird, but lame?
    C’mon, Mr Editor, find me some funny stuff!

  8. Mayinga, I cannot comprehend why people like you complain about the posts that you find on Lamebook. Lamebook clearly states in the title that it for “Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More”.
    I’m sure you’re not really LAME; sure, your comment may be a little weird, but not lame.
    C’mon, Mayinga, find your own funny stuff if this isn’t funny enough for you.

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