Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Current Crap

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  1. Bigotry on Facebook? Who’d have thought it.

  2. haha Salsa

  3. And so it begins…the countless (and tasteless) Chile jokes.

  4. SomeRandomChick

    Gotta love ripping on natural disasters where thousands were killed.

  5. ftw conrad

  6. Salsa, rofl

  7. politically incorrect, but slightly funny; meh; meh; meh; funny… even though it’s bad taste.

  8. I’m with Max, and find him not at all lame. Bill Nye IS super hot. I’d knock over Brad Pitt, and step on Robert Pattinson’s stomach to get next to Bill Nye.

  9. LOL on the RIP Daddy- the same thing happened to me. I felt bad that a friend of mine lost her dad, and it was Cesar Milan’s pit bull that died. I felt pretty stupid after I posted that I felt sorry about her dad…

  10. @Miss Shegas

    Hear Hear! Brains are hot!

  11. hardly ‘current crap’ the curling is from the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006

  12. You make salsa by shaking chile/chili? News to me. Or is that a chunky blood joke?

  13. I was thinking the same @Tanizaki!

  14. I’m chilean and i don’t even know why my country’s name is Chile…wasn’t Chili Davis alive before the earthquake?

  15. Two of the most worn-out jokes on Lamebook: women-in-kitchen and making fun of natural disasters that killed thousands of people. Sigh.

  16. what are you doing out of the kitchen Christine 🙂

  17. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    So there are multiple people who know about Cesar Milan’s dog dying? Weird.

  18. Daddy died. I’m saddened by this news.

    Having sex with Bill Nye would be hysterical. He’d be pounding away, while saying, “You know, the penis is actually muscle and nerves that contract when the male becomes sexually aroused. It’s quite amazing. The largest penis ever measured was 26 inches, and it’s possible to increase the size of a penis by hanging weights from it. Some tribes in Africa pierce their members with Acacia thorns as a coming of age ritual.”

    “Bill, shut up and fuck me.”

  19. hahhahahah toooo effing funny!!!!! bill.. bill… just plz… just…. oki… fine… tell me… how many beats per minute does your heart have to beat extra just for this in and out action…. oh wait… count it down for me… yes.. yes.. yes….. *sings out* bill nye the science guy!

  20. I used to love Bill Nye: the science guy, when I was growing up. He taught me so many things like how to build a volcano, how to get rid of a dead hooker’s body, and how to make a tornado in a bottle.

  21. haha, Salsa!. that’s just not funny, except that it it!!

  22. Who names their dog daddy? And why does the curling team have an alternative team? Do you get majorily hurt playing?

  23. lol

  24. @SomeRandomChick,
    there were actually about 800 killed,
    why you talking about thousands ?

    That salsa shit was fucking hilarious ,
    but i kinda feel bad for having lol’d at it,
    i have Chilean family …

  25. Seriously, Sirena?

  26. I loved that dog! Rest In Peace 🙁

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