Monday, February 22, 2010

More Ahhhlympics

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  1. omg the european one was amazing!

  2. the European one took too many neurons, and i’m still scratching my head over a couple of the puns. iFail.

    oh, and Matt would totally win a dick sucking contest.

  3. nah that was fairly shit tbh

  4. Oh good grief. Aaron and his friends just made me lol so hard my face hurts.

  5. @ yimmie – Agreed! I was cracking up


  7. Arron and his friends are a clever bunch, nicely played.

  8. This is the smartest thing ever seen on lamebook

  9. Absolutely brilliant!! LOVED IT!!!!

  10. Everything is sub-par compared to the last one.

  11. I was wondering if Aaron & co. would mention my country and.. there it is. Amusing. I lol’d at Matt’s jackass reply.

  12. I messed up my underFrance reading that as well.

  13. If the last was meant as “pun”ishment, I need to be a bad girl more often.

  14. Lol. People are so shit at geography, but I lol’d.

  15. Classic.

  16. Irish I could have the 2 minutes back it took to comprehend that last one.

  17. did anyone else think that Johnny just made a feeble attempt at coming out of the closet?

  18. Yeah, it was blatant, poor guy…
    The European one was pretty badarse but a few of them needed some work, not that I could do better of course.

  19. Aaron’s post may be the most intelligent and hilarious thing I have seen on here yet.
    Nicely done!

  20. krasivaya_devushka

    #11. What is your country?
    Haha, the last one is pretty cool 🙂

  21. Aaron and his friends FTW! That was hilarious!

  22. Brilliant, I bow to their wit.

  23. ^ This. So long as pradapersia was being sarcastic.

  24. yimmie and sarayve, I’m afraid the European one is not really all European.

  25. I wish my name wasnt steven …

    Aaron and company FTW , there are intelligent lifeforms out there so keep watching the skies !

  26. Steven…how do you not know which country you’re in?

  27. Joanna , i am guessing you were talking about the Peurto Rican entry ?

    They are part of the US but are represented as a seperate country by the IOC and FIFA …

  28. How contrived the European post was, not even funny, it has the same wit as a pre-schooler. I bet they laugh like bevis and butthead when people say things like “stiff” or “knockers”. Dim wits.

  29. ^ Ben = no sense of humor.

  30. Knockers hihi

  31. Big Willy Style – if that is the definition of humor then I gladly refrain from subscribing. Childish drivel.

  32. Ben next time you feel the urge to leave us one of your genious comments just press Alt + F4 and things will turn out for the best …

  33. Ha, Ha, Ha – brilliant, really, very good. Douche

  34. I only have one comment for the European one: “If by lame they mean awesome!”

  35. few wins there defo the european comments i likeeed it.
    Loved Matt about waxing floors. hah

  36. Stiff – hee hee

  37. haha gingivitis , guess we share the same kind of sarcastic humour

  38. I loved the last one!

  39. Matt IS indeed a total prick. Everyone knows Puerto Ricans don’t work. :p

    This is coming from a Latina who’s dated plenty boricuas.

  40. Looks like real Ben is back!

  41. Where you been, Ben? I kinda agree with you on the European post… just not to the extreme you took it 😛 It’s just… weird.

  42. You have got to be kidding Hobo ?

    It is not a brilliant post but it merits some kind of respect now doesn’t it ?

    or maybe my standards have been lowered by the sheer stupidity of all the other lamebook entrys

  43. made my day!

  44. Ben’s reappearence is the best part of this post. Along with making a mess of my under-france.

  45. Everyone needs a little childish humor in their lives. Keeps you young… so get over yourself Ben.

  46. Ben obviously needs his diapers changed. His diaper rash is making him cranky.

  47. Father Sha- No, no, don’t question your standards 😉 It deserves its merit! lol
    I agree with AshleyS, it’s witty childish humor and it’s simply entertaining to read!

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