Monday, February 22, 2010

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  1. TheIncredibleMrGQ

    First 2 were genius

  2. Clay and john get props… Funnys about tragities are hard to pull off

  3. If John made that up on the spot, respect.

  4. I actually peed my pants a little from laughing @ 9-11 jenga. No disrespect, but that sh*t was hilarious!

  5. Haha lamebook – you fail, I win.

  6. This is America, we use comma splices

  7. Trace Thurman and Clay Shirley.

  8. So much win.

  9. Saw the lame Olympics Bel Air thing on Sickipedia. God… there’s like, one decent joke for every thirty shit ones on that site.

    Sarah is a bitch, though.

  10. Loved the first one and the last two. The whole “we speak American” thing is kind of getting overdone though.

  11. Every Redneck out there needs to join the facebook group “Epically Awesome Rednecks”

  12. John’s was SO GOOD. I was singing (rapping?) along as I read it.

  13. Norway <3

  14. John is my new baby daddy.

  15. oops, meant to write “future” not “new”

  16. Oliver and John rock my world.

  17. Oliver is lame… Thats not funny or clever and makes no sense for a joke… The people liking Oliver are even lamer

  18. The Norwegian curling teams pants are amazing! I would rock a pair. (In the privacy of my own home, while doing my own version of curing: shuffling bananas down my hallway.)

  19. What about your pants eenerbl? Wouldnt mind doing some shuffling there, hehe

  20. slim, the only way you get to shuffle my pants is if you’re in my hallway shuffling bananas with me. Fair trade.

  21. I dont know… Can me and a banana enter the hallway at the same time? May have to use different doors…

  22. Keep this up slim and I’m liable to experience what I did on Friday!

  23. Oh I can keep it up… Definately outlasting the banana… You better get a bunch

  24. A bunch? Shit, I’m going to need what I’ve got on the whole damn tree!

  25. Better invest in a grove…

  26. Did this just turn into a banana porn show?

  27. That happens a lot with eenerbl and I… we get high and fuck fruit

  28. I’ve got enough to get you through the hallway.
    Always knew there was a reason I liked fruit so much!

  29. Monkeys in Africa are starving because of you.

  30. No starving monkeys, I have banana trees. If I have any banana’s left, I’ll make bread, non will go to waste.

  31. Ahhhh…how resourceful. I’d hate to ask what you do with the banana bread.

  32. HA HA Clay = FTW

  33. So much lame.

  34. Did anyone else try reading the second one, trying to imagine Will Smith actually sing it?

    I can’t believed I laughed at the 9/11 Jenga and sorta smirking at the Russian school thing. I actually tried really hard containing myself in the second one.

  35. Oh and from what I gather from previous posts, a pedo.

  36. John, will you marry me?

  37. I have that Titanic board game! I thought I was the only one …

  38. I smirked at 9/11 Jenga…I feel kind of bad.

    I guess I haven’t watched enough of the Olympics…I don’t even know who Shaun White is.

  39. Shaun White is a snowboard half pipe hero , as a snowboarder i can confirm that he earns all the love he is getting.

    He’s a league off his own , nobody comes near.

  40. He’s a snowboarder and skateboarder. He won the gold in the half pipe this past week. Look him up, he’s extremely talented!

  41. lol, guess I was typing when Father Sha was. Oops.

  42. ThinkingInPictures

    Wait, wait, wait… So one of those guys owns the Titanic board game then? That is a depth of lameness that I’m kinda at a loss to grasp.

  43. Ahh, gotcha! I haven’t been paying that much attention to the Olympics this year. I couldn’t even tell you any names of the Olympians from my country.

  44. HA HA Rayce made my LOL

  45. Fresherthanfebreeze

    John Fresh Prince remix = win

    Cant believe some peeps missed that reference.

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